What is the difference between biochemistry and medical biochemistry

#Medical biochemistry deals only on medical part of #biochemistry while the other is partly medical and industrial biochemistry it’s a broad field. #Medical #Biochemistry is mainly concerned about the chemical activities that occurs in humans and animals….it is more streamline to clinical and diagnostic Medicine….while #biochemistry major deals with both plants and animals ….medical biochemistry is more or less a specialty or an area in Biochemistry. I know biochemists that later specialized and did masters or even PhD in medical Biochemistry…

What is the difference between biochemistry and medical biochemistry
#Medical #biochemistry is an aspect of #biochemistry

Both #biochemistry and #medical biochemistry are a 4 year course with B.Sc degree….


A medical biochemist have a better chance of getting jobs in health related fields compared to a biochemist major. For instance, a medical biochemist or a clinical biochemist is more likely to be employed in the hospital, diagnostic labs, medical research labs, NAFDAC etc while a #biochemistry major (with masters in environmental science) will get a top job in oil companies, federal ministry of environment etc.

Where can a biochemist work?

As I have mentioned earlier, a graduate of biochemistry can work in;

👉Food Industry, e.g. Golden Penny Industry, Sugar Factories
👉Raw Material Industry, e.g. Dangote Cement Company, Dangote Refinery,Dangote Fetilizers
👉NAFDAC and federal ministry of health
👉Medical Centre, e.g. Hospitals, Clinic, Medical organizations
👉Pharmaceutical Companies, e.g. Emzor pharmaceuticals
👉Medical Laboratory
👉Oil Companies like Chevron, Shell, Exxon Mobile etc.

The career path for both #biochemistry and #medical #biochemistry is same…The #difference between them are very insignificant in labour market…


Except you are lucky to get a big time job in an oil company that will pay you very huge wages, both #biochemistry and medical #biochemistry graduates are most likely to earn middle class salaries and payscale of about #140,000 entry salary and up.

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