Microbiology vs Biochemistry in Nigeria, which is better?

Both are a 4 year health related courses but between Biochemistry and microbiology Which is best to study? Which is needed most in the society? How earns more between a biochemist and a microbiologist?

The arguments/Answers for and against the better between Microbiology and Biochemistry:

Adamu Shaaban

Even a medical doctor can’t do without biochemistry, hence, biochemistry is the best to study than microbiology…is probably more lucrative than microbiology.

Anthony Ogwo

If you want to be a medical professional and can’t make it into medicine, then my candid opinion is study a more marketable course like Nursing, Medical Radiography or Med lab science. It will make your life easier.

Microbiology vs Biochemistry in Nigeria, which is better?
Microbiology vs Biochemistry in Nigeria, which is better?

Tony orlisee

Biochemistry is better than microbiology because it stands a greater chance of getting jobs especially in oil companies like Chevron, Shell and Mobil

Evelyn Udoh

Both biochemistry and microbiology are marketable courses in the society and they are equally important…none is better than the other but I learnt microbiologist are easier to get jobs than biochemists

Evelyn Johnson

Pls I’m not against any course here
Only ranted them base on where one can find work here in Nigerian

Both microbiologist and biochemist can work in industries, research institutions, school lab and the rest you can mention. So one isn’t better than the other okay

Thinking about working in The hospital the same way microbiologist is fighting for work is same with biochemist because medical lab scientist are there and they don’t need other related field to come in.

Adeoye Adewale

Either you study both, you won’t still work in any licensed hospital in Nigeria.

Aiyewulu Emmanuel

Even medical laboratory science MLS can’t do without microbiology. So microbiology is the best.

Tega oghene

Well, I have seen many biochemists and microbiologists but microbiologists seem to be doing better financially than the biochemists….many of the microbiologists I know are working in Nigerian breweries and other bottling companies.

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Ayo Obadaki

The average salary of both a biochemist and microbiologist in Nigeria is about the same….about #120,000 ….so none is more lucrative than the other…

Grace Fatuji

Microbiology seems better and more marketable than normal chemistry…in the Nigeria of today, a microbiologist find it easier to get job than a biochemist…i may be wrong though.

Which do you think is better between Microbiology and Biochemistry? Let us know in the comment section.


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