List of Hausa/Fulani traditional drinks…list of Hausa traditional drinks

The Hausa-fulani people are a major tribe spread across Nigeria, Chad, Togo, Cameroun, Mali, Ghana, Niger Republic and other West African Countries and beyond. Hausa-fulani people have a unique Afro-arabic cultures with language, clothing, music, foods, snacks and drinks peculiar to them. Highlighted below are different types of Hausa/Fulani traditional drinks, with their recipes including preparation methods, and even prices.

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List of Hausa/Fulani Traditional Drinks

Below are the different types of Hausa/Fulani local drinks. They include:

1. Kunu:

Kunu is a very popular drink among the Northern Nigerians. Made from Millet, Groundnuts, Rice or Tiger nuts, Kunu is a good source of nutrients such as Minerals, Vitamins, Protein and Fibre. Often regarded as “Nigeria’s Irish Cream” due to its milky texture. Kunu is best consumed few hours after production. Kunu drink is of two types: Kunu Zaki made majorly from Millet and Kunu Gyada made from Groundnuts sometimes with Rice. Other variations include Kunu made from Tiger nuts.

List of Hausa/Fulani traditional drinks
Kunu sweet drink

2. Groundnut Pap with Banana:

This is another type of Kunu known as Kunun Gyada Mai Ayaba in Hausa. It is one of the popular traditional drinks of the Northeners, particularly those living in Sokoto, Kebbi and Zamfara regions. The Northeners take Groundnut pap with Banana mainly as breakfast. It can be bought at an amount of N50 per bottle. Ingredients used in making groundnut pap include: Groundnuts, Banana, Millet, Milk and Sugar.

List of Hausa/Fulani traditional drinks
Groundnut pap and banana…very sweet drink

3. Pito:

Pito is locally made from fermented alcoholic drink. It is one of the drinks of the people of Northern Nigeria. Made from Guinea corn, Alcohol, and Sugar to enhance the taste and sweeten the drink. Pito can also be made by filtering off Burukutu (a local drink of the middle belt regions) from the top. Pito is also a common drink of the hausa fulani people of Ghana.

List of Hausa drinks in Nigeria
A man enjoying pito drink

4. Coconut Pap:

Known as Kunu Kwakwa in Hausa/Fulani. Mostly taken after breakfast, coconut pap is very sweet and is taken mostly by the people of Kano, Abuja and Kaduna regions. Ingredients used in making this pap include: Coconut, Millet, Ginger, Potassium, Clove, and Sugar. It is sold at an average price of N150.

List of Hausa drinks
Coconut pap

5. Burukutu:

Burukutu is drunk majorly by the people of the middle belt areas of Nigeria which include Niger, Kwara, Benue, Kogi etc. It is made from fermenting Sorghum and other proteinous grains. Burukutu can be prepared traditionally by malting, mashing and then fermenting. Fermentation usually involves a 48 hour pasteurization carried out by boiling and maturation. Burukutu is an alcholic drink.

List of Fulani drinks
Youth corpers enjoying burukutu drink

6. Tamarind Pap:

Known locally as Kunun Tsamiyya by the Northeners. For some, tamarind pap is taken in the morning, whereas, others prefer taking it in the evening. This drink can be found in any region of the North, and is sold at a cheap price of N30 per 35cl bottle. Very easy to make, the ingredients used include: Tamarind, Millet, Ginger, Clove, and Sugar. Tamarind pap can either be taken in the morning or evening depending on your choice of preference.

Hausa drink
Tamarind sweet drink

7. Common Wheat Pap:

In Hausa or Fulani language, this is known as Kunun Alkama. It is one of the cheapest drinks in the North sold at N50 per 50cl bottle. The Ingredients used in making Common Wheat Pap include: Wheat, Tamarind, Ginger, Milk, Sugar and Potassium (although, this is optional). It is best taken in the morning and evening. Omi Wara: Omi wara is one of the Northeners drink, traditionally made from cheese and water.

List of Hausa/Fulani traditional drinks
Common wheat pap and akara

8. Millet Drink:

Known locally as Kunun Zaki in Hausa/Fulani language. Ingredients used in making Millet drink include: Millet, Tamarind, Ginger, Potato, Milk and Sugar. Sold in any part of the North at a price of N50 – N100 per 35cl bottle. Millet drink is best taking after eating or before commencement of any sporting/game activities.

Millet drink
Millet drink

9. Fura Da Nono:

Made majorly from Millet and Fresh cow milk as the name implies, Fura da Nono is also one of the indigenous drinks of the Hausa-Fulanis. Mostly hawked by Fulani maidens on the streets, Fura da Nono is popular amongst the Northeners, particularly in these regions- Katsina, Maiduguri and Kano. This traditional drink of the Hausa-Fulanis is highly nutritious as it contains nutrients such as Fibre, Carbohydrates and more. Fura da Nono recipe include: Fresh cow milk, Dry ginger, Cloves, Millet, Sugar and Dry chilli as preferred.

List of Hausa drinks
Fura drink is of Hausa origin

10. Tiger Nut Drink:

This drink is made mainly from Tiger nut, although one of the ingredients used in making Kunu, it can also be made as an individual drink. It’s also a common drink among the Northeners. As preferred, milk can be added while making this drink.

Tiger nut drink
Tiger nut drink

11. Zobo:

Last but not the least is Zobo. You can’t talk about traditional drinks in North Nigeria without the inclusion of this incredible drink. Zobo is a general drink in Nigeria, however the origin can be traced to the Northeners. known as Zoborodo in Hausa, zobo can serve as a herbal drink or as a refreshment drink at ceremonies, and even at home. It is both affordable and tasty. A bottle of zobo goes for N50 per 35cl. Ingredients used in making Zobo include: Dried roselle or sorrele leaves (zobo leaves known as Yakwan Zobo in Hausa), Cloves, Cinnamon sticks, Star anise seeds, False cubeb pepper, Pineapple, Lemons, and Dried ginger roots as preferred for aroma and flavor.

List of Hausa/Fulani traditional drinks
Zobo drink

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