Side effects of bum enlargement pills and creams.

There are more than a dozen buttocks enlargement creams and pills out there like appetito pills, botcho, garlic oil etc….

The purpose of this article is to tell you the side effects of buttocks enlargement creams, oils , herbs and pills….

Side effects of bum enlargement pills and creams

1. Waste of money

Surprised? Don’t be…buying buttocks enlargement creams is a total waste of money and time. Pills for buttock enlargement do not work and by the time you finish using them, you will realise that you have been scammed big time.

2. A scam

Of course, the whole industry of buttocks enlargement creams and pills is a huge scam that very few people are ready to admit even though they might know the truth.

3. Baldness and hair loss

I read somewhere that use of buttocks enlargement creams can cause baldness…are you surprised, the ingredients or composition of these creams are shrouded in secrecy and controversy…. more so, the pills to make backside bigger and rounder are not approved by the food and drug agency (FDA).

Side effects of bum enlargement pills and creams
Side effects of bum enlargement pills and creams….they don’t really work.

4. Skin damage

Do you know that buttocks enlargement creams can harm you skin and cause you burns and dermatitis? Protect you skin and avoid big bum creams…

5. Cancer

Buttocks enlargement creams and pills can injure your skin and cause you some form of skin cancer and other forms of cancer malignancy. The fear of potential risk for malignancy is one other reasons they are not medically approved or cleared for use…by the authorities.

6. Drains your energy

The amount of time you expended on the creams that will eventually not work is tiring and discouraging. If you use that time for meaningful buttock exercises, you would have seen better result by way of increase in your size…why waste your time on a fruitless venture?

7. Giant Hands

Hahaha. You use your hands to rub the creams on your buttocks and br.easts right? Then your hands should also be enlarged by now…why is it not? The answer is simple, these creams don’t work.

8. Possible liver and kidney failure

These buttocks creams, oils and pills can be potentially toxic to the vital organs in the human body like the liver and the kidneys….Protect your kidneys and liver from buttocks enlargement creams or pills.

9. Stretch Marks

You know that buttocks enlargement creams can cause stretch marks right? These creams distort the anatomy of then skin giving it that ugly stretch marks.

10. That feeling of disappointment

That disappointing and dejected feeling you get when you realize that the creams and pills you spent your hard earned money to buy is useless after a fruitless quest is not nice.

I rest my case here.

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