Uses and Health Benefits of Cameroon Pepper…Cameroon pepper botanical name = piper nigrum

Cameroon Pepper is a common spice in West Africa mainly used to enhance flavor and spice in food. It is otherwise referred to as “Black pepper” or “Yellow pepper” or scotch bonnet in English. In Nigerian local dialects, it is referred to as “Ose Oyibo” or “Ose Nsukka” in Igbo, “Atarugu” in Hausa, and “Ata rodo” in Yoruba. However, in the intercontinental market, it is referred to as yellow lantern chilli. It contains active components such as capsicum, lycopene and piperine which are responsible for flavor enhancement and medicinal properties. The medicinal properties contained in cameroon pepper include: anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-oxidants. Cameroon pepper is different from black pepper. I will discuss the differences in another article.

Uses and Health Benefits of Cameroon Pepper
Picture/Image of fresh Cameroon pepper (yellow pepper)

The nutritional contents of cameroon pepper include: Manganese, Iron, Potassium, Vitamins A, C and K, and Fibre. Cameroon pepper is usually yellow when fresh, and brown in colour when dried. It is made from drying scotch bonnets, and is mainly sold in its ground form in most markets.

Uses of Cameroon Pepper

Cameroon Pepper is usually used for cooking, as it helps in spicing foods and enhancing flavors. Cameroon pepper can be used in making several dishes including soups, stews, sauces, and other dishes. It can serve as seasoning for offals such as meat, vegetables, and fish, as well as salad dressing. Also, during the olden days, it was used as a form of alternative medicine-Ayurvedics.

Health Benefits of Cameroon Pepper

There are many benefits that can be derived from the use of cameroon pepper. Let’s take a look at some of them.

👉Helps improve Brain Function: Cameroon pepper has been shown to improve brain function and cognitive memory. This is due to piperine, one of the active compounds present in cameroon pepper.

👉Helps in the Control of Blood Sugar Levels: Piperine helps maintain sugar levels in the blood.

👉Can help prevent Cancer: Piperine in cameroon pepper possesses properties that help fight off cancers. It is believed that cameroon pepper can help slow down cancer cells in the breast, colon or prostate as well as induce the death of cancer cells.

👉Can help Reduce High Cholesterol levels: Cameroon pepper has the likelihood to reduce high cholesterol levels, as well as maintain cholesterol levels. It is believed that the use of cameroon pepper helps to boost absorption of dietary supplements that have the tendency to lower cholesterol levels. Dietary supplements like turmeric go hand in hand with Cameroon pepper.

👉Can serve as a source of pain reliever: It is believed that piperine in cameroon pepper may be a natural pain relieving source.

👉Improve Nutrient Absorption into the Body: Cameroon pepper can help boost absorption of vital nutrients like selenium and calcium into the body. In addition, plant compounds in turmeric and green tea which are beneficial to the body can be absorbed through the use of cameroon pepper.

👉Can help in Appetite Reduction: It is a general belief that consumption of spicy foods help make you full right after drinking water. You get less hunger sensation; thus, curbing appetite. Reduction in appetite can help with weight management and loss.

👉Can help Promote Gut Health: An healthy gut signifies a lot of things. Some of which are: diseases prevention, immune function boost and mood improvement. The use of cameroon pepper can help promote your gut health by increasing the good bacteria (bifidobacteria) in your gut.

👉Helps Protect the Body: Piperine in cameroon pepper is an antioxidant that helps fight off free radicals in the body. Free radicals can lead to premature aging, inflammations, cancers and heart diseases. Therefore the use of cameroon pepper helps protect your body from these diseases and conditions.

👉Cameroon pepper and Weight loss; Cameroon pepper hrlpsnin weight reduction and development of flat tummy. Cameroon pepper burns excess body fats.


The benefits of Cameroon pepper are numerous. The usage of cameroon pepper in cooking meals can help in treating minor ailments. However, it is advisable you use in moderate concentrations due to its extreme spiciness. If experiencing allergic reactions to this spice, please discontinue use.

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