Bitter leaf and honey benefits…

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Squeeze bitter leaf and put the water in a cup, then add some pure honey, then mix together to get some amazing health benefits.

Bitter leaf and honey benefits

The combo mixture of bitter leaf water and honey will give you the following health benefits:

1. Relieve cough

Drink a combo mixture of honey and bitter leaf mixture to relieve your cough and soothe your itchy throat and airway. Bitter leaf and honey is a natural cough expectorant and mucolytic…bitter leaf and honey cures cough.

Bitter leaf and honey benefits
Bitter leaf and honey benefits

2. Bitter leaf and honey mixture lowers blood sugar.

The combination of honey and bitter water taken twice every day will help lower your blood glucose if you are diabetic. Bitter leaf and honey is a natural anti-diabetic herbal mixture or preparations.

3. Soothes stomach ache

Drinking a tea cup of honey and bitter leaf water helps relief stomach pain and promote gut health.

4. Weight Loss and flat tummy

The fibres in bitter leaf and honey juice fills the stomach and prevent weight gain. Bitter leaf and honey combo is known to help flatten the belly and promote weight loss.

5. Lowers blood pressure

Are you hypertensive? Why not take a cup of bitter leaf and honey mixture to bring down your high blood pressure….The combo helps lower blood pressure….

6. Good for the heart

Bitter leaf and honey lowers blood bad cholesterol and elevates blood good cholesterol….This singular function makes the mixture of bitter leaf and honey perfect in preventing cardiovascular diseases.

5. Boost ovulation

Honey and bitter leaf water is a fertility booster. In women, honey+ bitter leaf helps boost ovulation and increase their chances of getting pregnant with twins. For men, honey + bitter leaf is a sperm booster and increase blood testosterone for sperm count.

6. Good for the skin.

A combo of bitter leaf water and honey is very healthy for your skin…A cup of this mixture every day will make your skin glow….This is because bitter leaf and honey is rich in collagen and vitamin C….which are skin foods.

7. Cures constipation

A mixture of bitter leaf, scent leaf and honey helps promote bowel movement and relieve constipation. Are you constipated? Don’t worry take a cup of honey, bitter leaf and scent leaf juice to clear faeces your gut.

8. Kidney health

The combination of bitter leaf and honey is very good for the kidney because it is a potent diuretic and filters the kidney of bad blood.

9. Bitter and honey eases menstruation

The combo ease the flow of menstrual blood and helps remove clots from the womb. It cleans the womb.

10. Boost blood production and PCV

Bitter leaf and honey is very rich in iron. Iron is needed to build hemoglobin. Bitter leaf and honey helps to treat iron deficiency anemia.

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