Is sobolo good for pregnant woman? Can Sobolo cause abortion? Can Sobolo cause miscarriage?

Why Pregnant Women Should Not Drink Sobolo

Sobolo drink is a familiar beverage loved by Ghanaians. It is produced from dried roselle or sorrel leaves (Hibiscus Sabdariffa). This bright red drink is loved both for every day and as a refreshment drink in parties. This drink has many advantages: available, affordable, tasty, and refreshing and also has a lot of healthy benefits.

Sobolo is not only refreshing, it can also be used to regulate blood pressure, reduce cholesterol, strengthen blood vessels, calm the nerves, reduce stress, for weight loss, and to improve sex drive. However, extensive literature review by public health experts revealed several reasons why pregnant women and nursing mothers should avoid sobolo drink.

Why Zobo Is Not Safe For Pregnant Women & Breast Feeding Mothers

A study published in the African journal of alternative and complementary medicine revealed that consuming Sobolo drink during pregnancy increases the possibility of giving birth to babies with low birth weight (LBW) possibly through the gluconeogenic activities of the elevated serum glutamate pyruvate transaminase (SGPT).

Results from a similar study which evaluated the effect of zobo drink during breast feeding also revealed that consuming Sobolo or zobo drink during lactation decreased maternal food and fluid intake, delays the onset of puberty in the female offspring and increased postnatal weight gain all of which are detrimental to health.

Is sobolo good for pregnant woman?
Is sobolo good for pregnant woman?

Sobolo may be a healthy drink for most people but it is a drink that pregnant women and nursing mothers must avoid due to its implication on maternal and child health.

But one amazingly healthy drink that Improves milk production that can be consumed by pregnant Women and Nursing Mothers is Kunu Drink.

Sobolo can prevent pregnancy. Sobolo can cause miscarriage. Sobolo can cause abortion.


Sobolo can cause the uterus to contract violent uterine contraction leading to abortion , miscarriage and pregnancy loss.

If you are pregnant do not drink Sobolo please even though it is believed that Sobolo or zobo is safe in the third trimester.

Pregnant women tell their experiences with sobolo:

Nana Asambe

Hmmmmm, people can be daring ooo. You read it but went ahead to try?
The moment two or more different health practitioners says contradictory things about something, just avoid it to be on the safer side. And do more research.

I had my sobolo bleeding experience but was safe by grace before i read it here, and never again im i taking it during pregnancy.

Preggos, please stay away sobolo🙏🏽


Outside sobolo is not good for pregnancy because of all this ingredients they put inside so my sister prepare your sobolo at home without sugar and drink thank you.


When I went to antenatal ,I was told it’s good to drink sobolo/hibiscus tea. Actually, I had stopped drinking it when I discovered I was pregnant,I took some when I came back from the hospital,I felt a sharp pain in my abdomen with a stomach pain, since then ,I haven’t tried again…i thought the sobolo was about to make me have a miscarriage.

Efiya Mensah

This sobolo thing is true. I remember I took some and I had my menses at once with severe abdominal pain. Since then, no matter how you prepare it, I no go take am.


Lots of people react differently to sobolo drink. The midwives aren’t obligated to educate on stuffs medically not proven. I personally know someone who had a miscarriage by taking sobolo and another person carried the pregnancy to term. We have to be our own advocate on things like this not the midwife.

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