Is asana drink good for pregnant woman?

Asana drink or asaana drink is a popular Ghanaian drink made from fermented corn and cameralized sugar. Asana drink in Ghana is more or less the equivalent of burukutu in Nigeria but the difference is while burukutu is alcoholic, asana is non-alcoholic.

Is asana drink good for pregnant woman?
One may look at the hygienic condition with which Asana drink is prepared to certify it unsafe for pregnant women and the general populace.

A question has been asked whether it is healthy and safe for pregnant women to take Asana drink.

While some believe Asana drink is harmful to pregnant women, others are of the view that it is safe.

The truth is, asana drink is very good for pregnant women as it contains no form of alcohol at all..asana also does not cause an abortion or miscarriage, so it safe and perfect for pregnant women who want it or enjoy it.

Ghanaians , please be informed that while sobolo is bad for pregnant women, asana drink is good for women during pregnancy. It is even believed that because Asana drink is rich in folic acid, it helps to prevent neural tube defects like spinal bifida and brain malformations in the unborn baby.

Asana drink will also prevent morning sickness like nausea and be vomiting in pregnant women… Asana drink can be taken both in the he first trimester, second trimester and third trimester (late pregnancy).

During pregnancy, a women is prone to all kinds of vagina yeast infection…Asana drink helps increase the vagina microflora to get rid of vagina Candidiasis in pregnancy.

There is nothing in the ingredients of Asana drink that can make a woman suffer a miscarriage…. Fermented corn and sugar is safe in pregnancy.

For women who use Asana drink to prevent pregnancy, please know today that it doesn’t work …Asana drink not a contraceptive. There are contraceptive pills and injections out there, just choose one to use.

Is asana drink good for pregnant woman?


In summary, Asana drink is safe and good in pregnancy….Take with moderation though.

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