What is the medicinal benefits of garden egg?

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Garden egg, also known as Eggplant, are common fruits grown in Northern Nigeria. There are different kinds of garden eggs in Nigeria. They can be found in different colours ranging from white, and cream to green. However, the commonest eggplant colour is green. Garden egg can be classified as both a fruit and a vegetable.

Before proceeding into the medicinal benefits of this eggplant fruit, let’s talk about the nutritional values of garden egg.

Nutritional Values of Garden Egg

It wouldn’t be false to say that we do not attach substantial nutritional value to garden egg. Most people fall into this table. No need to deny, I as well is guilty of this. However, it will interest you to know that garden egg contains a lot of nutrients you never knew could be found in it. As small as it is, you can find a lot of nutrients in significant amounts in it. Without further ado, let’s dive in.

An Eggplant or Garden Egg contains 25 Kcal of Energy including;

2.2mg of Vitamin C
5.88g of Carbohydrates
0.3g of Fiber
0.18g of Fat
9mg of Calcium
0.98g of protein
0.23mg of Iron
14mg of Magnesium
0.1mg of Zinc
229mg of Potassium
24mg of Phosphorus and much more.

Garden egg has been shown to serve as a natural remedy for the treatment of several health conditions; such as bronchitis and gastro-intestinal problems, as well as relief from stress and headache. Let’s take a look at some of the medicinal benefits of garden egg.

What is the Medicinal Benefits of Garden Egg or Egg Plant

Eating garden egg on empty stomach or eating garden egg with groundnut or eating garden egg after food will give you the following health benefits:

👉Rich in Antioxidants: Antioxidants such as nasunin, anthocyanins and flavonoids can be found in garden egg; and these are essentially needed by the body for protection. For instance; anthocyanins help prevent cancer development and diseases that could result from microorganisms such as bacteria.

👉Promotes Healthy Bone Development: Nutrients such as Iron, Calcium, Magnesium etc. in garden egg help build, and strengthen bone development. Consumption of garden egg helps prevent the risk of osteoporosis in adults, and osteomalacia in childen.

👉Aids Digestion: Fiber contained in this eggplant helps in proper food digestion and bowel movement control. It also helps reduce risk of digestive issues like constipation.

👉Prevents Anaemia: Garden egg contains Iron and copper that helps supply blood to organs in the body through the formation of red blood cells in the body; thereby, boosting energy and strength.

What is the medicinal benefits of garden egg?
What is the health benefits of garden egg? Continue reading.

👉Prevents the risk of Diabetes (Garden egg and diabetes): Nutrients like fibers contained in garden egg helps maintain blood sugar levels as well as regulate glucose absorption; thereby, preventing the risk of diabetes; particularly type II diabetes. People who have diabetes can opt in for this fruit as it helps regulate blood sugar.

👉Prevents Cardiovascular Diseases: Deficiency of vitamin B1 in the body can lead to heart diseases. Garden egg contains vitamins; one of which is Vitamin B1 that helps improve the functioning of the cardiovascular (heart) system; as well as aid cellular respiration. Therefore, consumption of this fruit can help prevent health conditions that relates to the heart.

👉Maintains Blood Pressure: One of the factors that could influence an increased level of blood pressure in the body is when salt/electrolyte/sodium concentration in the body is high. Nutrients such as Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium and Phosphorus contained in garden egg can help maintain electrolyte balance in the body.

👉Reducing Cholesterol Levels in the Body: Garden egg contains chlorogenic acid, an antioxidant that helps reduce cholesterol levels in the body.

👉Beneficial During Pregnancy: Garden egg also gives a lot of medicinal benefits to a pregnant woman. It contains folic acid which is important during foetus development; this nutrient helps protect the baby from birth deformation or defects.

👉Helps Promote weight loss: The benefits of garden egg for weight loss cannot be over-emphasized. The greenish garden egg helps with weight management and maintenance; as they contain carbohydrates and calories in low amounts. Overweight persons who desire losing weight can include this fruit to their diet.

👉Improves eye health and vision: Nicotinoid and alkaloids can be found in garden egg. They are excellent sources of Vitamin A that helps protect the eye and improve vision. This can help reduce the risk of conditions such as glaucoma.

👉Promotes Immune and Nervous system: Garden egg contains Vitamin B such as niacin, thiamin, panthotenic acid that helps with proper nervous and immune system functioning. In addition, it improves the brain function.

👉 Garden egg soothes ulcer pains: You know garden egg is an alkaline food and not acidic. Since it is an alkaline, garden egg help to neutralize stomach acid and reliefs ulcer pains. Eggplants are alkaline.

👉Garden egg fills the stomach and satisfies hunger especially at night when there is no other food to eat and you are watching your weight. This is for people who always ask if it is good to eat garden egg at night.

👉Garden egg also promotes kidney health. Garden egg is good for the kidney and even the liver.

👉Garden egg and fertility: Garden egg is rich in folic acid…a vitamin known to boost fertility, ovulation, menstruation, libido and sperm count


There are no limits to how much of a quantity of garden eggs you can consume; however, it should be consumed moderately; as too much of everything is bad. It can be consumed by people of ALL ages, no restriction whatsoever. I dont know anything about the spiritual benefits of garden eggs.

The possible (if any) disadvantges and side effects of garden will be discussed in another article.

Written by Stella-marris Achumba

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