50 Uses of Honey You Should Know.

I am going to highlight over 50 medicinal uses of honey at home that you should know in this article.


1. ITCHY EYES; Mix white Onion with Honey and take a spoonful three times daily for h.

2. STOMACH PAIN; The person that has stomach pain, mix ground bitter leaf with Pure honey use two table spoon after meal.

3. WOUND; Grind Bitter leaf with Pure Honey rub it.

Uses of Honey You Should Know
50 Uses of Honey You Should Know

4. CHILDREN TOOTH-ACHE; Mix lime juice, with honey , give him one spoon 3 times daily.

5. Allergies; honey helps to relieve allergic symptoms like skin itching and rashes.

6. SLEEPLESSNESS; Drink honey every night.

7. MENSTRUATION PROBLEMS; Use 4 tablespoon of honey 4 times daily.

8. RHEUMATISM/ATHRITIS; Grind Bitter leaves with Pure Honey use to rub it and take 2 tablespoon 3 times daily.

9. WITHLOW OR BOIL; Grind Bean, mutter, with Pure Honey use it to rub the place affected finger.

10. ULCER; Use 3 spoons of honey early in the morning 1 hour before breakfast. Honey soothes ulcer pains and promote healing

11. SPERM BOOSTER (Fun ato kiki); Mix one egg with

5 Tablespoons of Honey . use it immediately.

12. ASTHMA; Mix snail water (Omi Igbin) with Honey .Usage . ADULT 3 Tablespoons 3 times . Children should take 1 Tablespoon 3 Times.

13. PILE; Grind Scent Leave (Efirin) Lemon juice mix it with Pure Honey . 2 Tablespoons 3 Times daily.

14. EARACHE; Get warm Water with Small Salt and mix with Pure Honey . Usage. Take a spoon three times daily…please don’t drop honey into your ear

15. MOUTHACHE; Mix lime juice, Salt with Pure Honey use it to wash your month 3 times daily.

16. MEASLES; Grind Bitter leave with Pure Honey use it to Rub the body and take 2 tablespoons full 3 times daily.

17. STOMACH PAIN AFTER DELIVERY; Use 2 spoons Honey 3 times daily.

18. BED-WETTING; 2 teaspoon of Pure Honey every night.

19. COUGH; Mix Honey grinded bitter kola
(OROGBO ) use one spoon 3 times daily
20. Always use honey to drink pap (OGI ) or TEA.

21. RED EYES/CONJUNCTIVITIS; TAKE three spoonful of honey three times a day. Honey is rich in vitamin A and C.

22. BLOATED STOMACH; Ground Cucuribitaasess ( EWE EJIRIN) together with Honey and use 3 times daily.

23. DIABETES; Water from Bitter leaf mix together with Pure Honey and use it 3 times daily.

24. STROKE; Take stroke patients to the hospital….stroke patients can be given honey for strength and vitality.

25. HYPERTENSION; Ground Garlic with Pure Honey and take this 3 spoon Morning and Night.

26. MANPOWER; Use Unripe plantain, boil one with Pure Honey. You will last for hours nonstop.

27. BLOOD TONIC; Ground Bitter-leaf and add Pure Honey. Take 3 spoon 3 times daily to boost your blood and cure anemia

28. RUNNING STOMACH; Mix salt together with Pure Honey and use 3 spoon 3 times daily. If you have hypertension, don’t ads salt.

29. SKIN SMOOTHEN; Mix Pure Honey together with coconut oil and rub it on your body.

30. FOR SHAVING; Mix Poplitionaces (ETU ) with Pure Honey and rub it after shaving. Honey can be used as after shave

31. SKIN DISEASE; Ground graminces (eru awonka) and Sulphur (IMU OJO) with Pure Honey and rub it on the affected parts of the body.

32. WORM; Mix salt and lime juice with Pure Honey and use 3 spoon 3 times daily. Honey is a worm expeller

33. IRREGULAR-MENSTRUATIONS; Ground GARLIC and mix it with lime juices and Pure Honey and use it 3 times daily.

34. TYPHOID FEVER; Ground Garlic mix it with egg and Pure Honey and use 4 spoons 3 times daily.

35. FIRE BURNS; Use Pure Honey to rub the affected part. Honey heals wound.

36. CHILDREN’S RASHES; Ground Gramicees (ERU AWOKA) Poplitionazees (ETU) Sulphur (Immi OJO) with Pure Honey and rub it to affected part of the body.

37. BLOOD; Mix Lime juice and ugu leaf juice and Pure Honey and use 3 spoon 3 times daily.

38. BODY HEAT ; Get liquid from Bitter leaf and mix it with Salt and Pure Honey and use 3 spoon 3 times daily.

39. STOMACH-PAIN; Use Salt and Scent –leaf (EWE EFIRIN) together with Pure Honey and use it 3 spoon 3 times daily.

40. Skin rejuvenation from burns: Apply original honey on a healing burnt skin to restore original tone.

41. DIABETES; Use Pure Honey to drink Pap or Tea. Honey does not elevatw

42. Starting from 40 years, use Pure Honey to drink Pap or Tea and it is for good health.

43. To reduce fat ; Use Corn –leaf as a tea with Pure Honey .

44. FOR OLD AGE; Use Pure Honey to drink. Honey restores vitality

45. FOR FAMILY HEALTH ; Use Pure Honey with for pap or drink garri. It will give you strength and energy.

46. HYPERTENSION; Use Pure Honey together with bitter leaf to lower blood pressure.

47. WEIGHT REDUCTION ; Take Pure Honey mix together with boil Corn –leaf and drink.

48. HEADACHE; Lime juice with Pure Honey and take 3 times daily for your headache

49. Wound dressing: You can use original honey to dress wound at home…Honey helps remove infection from a dirty wound and aids granulation for healing.

50. Soothes cough: you have cough? Take two spoonful of pure honey three times a day…honey is a potent cough expectorant and mucolytic.

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