Can palm wine cure malaria?

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Palm is an enjoyable natural alcoholic drink that also have medicinal value.. Palmwine is very good for the kidneys as it acts as a diuretic helping to flush out the kidneys. Palmwime has numerous health benefits that I will write about in another article.

There is this claims that palm can cure malaria… How true is it.

TRUTH: PALM Wine, yes is medicinal but it does not cure malaria or typhoid… Palm wine has no antiplasmodial activity and so cannot cure or be used to treat #malaria….

If you are down with malaria, don’t bank on palm wine for cure please, go and take over the counter malaria drugs and if symptoms persist after 3 days of completing the medications, consult your doctor please.

Can palm wine cure malaria?
Can palm wine cure malaria?

Malaria is an endemic disease in most part of Africa. Majority of the illness many patients in these countries complain about is malaria.
Malaria is a protozoan disease that is transmitted by the female anopheles mosquito through bites. Through mosquito bites, the parasites (plasmodium) is introduced into the bloodstream and it infects the red blood cells.

Nausea, etc.

In the treatment of malaria, many things have changed. From the old use of quinine and the present use of the combination of artemether-lumefantrine.

With these developments in the treatment of malaria, it is necessary to take note of certain things that can limit the potency of the antimalarial drug you are taking.

The belief that any cup of palm wine morning and evening will treat #malaria infection is a lie… No scientific evidence supports palm wine as an antimalarial herbal medicine. Take appropriate medications to get better. Palmwine will not help you… Also don’t give palmwine to your baby that has malaria…. Take him or her to the hospital….Palm wine cannot kill malaria parasite.

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