Can a pregnant woman drink Smirnoff Ice beer?

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Please note this… Smirnoff ice is an alcoholic drink.Since it contains alcohol, Smirnoff ice is not good or safe in pregnant women. No amount of alcohol, no matter how small is good for a pregnant woman because of the effect of alcohol on the foetus. Alcholic drinks like Smirnoff ice can cause brain damage in the unborn child, induce miscarriage, cause premature delivery, low birth weight, and pregnancy loss.

Pregnant women who take Smirnoff ice can have babies that have developed fetal alcohol syndrome…. A congenital abnormality condition that causes learning difficulties in babies at school.

Can a pregnant woman drink Smirnoff Ice?
Can a pregnant woman drink Smirnoff Ice?

With this, I hope women who drink Smirnoff Ice while pregnant with the aim of treating morning sickness should stop forthwith. This is because, Smirnoff ice is not safe in pregnancy…. Take note of that.

Please take Zero Alcohol In Pregnancy!!!

Alcohol containing drinks like Smirnoff ice in the mother’s blood passes to the baby through the umbilical cord.

Drinking alcohol during pregnancy can cause

● Miscarriage,

● Stillbirth,

● And a range of lifelong physical, behavioral, and intellectual disabilities.

● These disabilities are known as fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASDs).

Are you pregnant and one “unknown gun neighbor”, or “ungun known village person” asked you to drink gin, vodka, beer and the likes of alcohol? It might interest you to know what would likely happen to your pregnancy and your baby. It is called fetal alcohol syndrome.


This syndrome is often associated with prenatal alcohol consumption – when a pregnant woman consumes alot of alcohol!(not that any amount is safe especially in pregnancy though).
The diagnosis of fetal alcohol syndrome is based on findings in the following 3 areas:
– characteristic facial anomalies (see pictures below),
– growth retardation (intrauterine growth restriction and failure to have catch-up growth),
– CNS involvement (cognitive impairment, learning disabilities, or behavioral abnormalities)……
See the pictures below… Shows the Physical (facial) deformities in a child with FAS.

When you begin to ask questions or wondering why your child would develop some learning disability etc, kindly remember when you took that neighbor or village woman’s advice to consume alcohol while you were pregnant.

Do you know alcohol crosses the placenta quickly and gets to the baby in the womb?. Not just that, alcohol is reserved in the amniotic fluid and this leads to a prolong exposure of baby to all of mother’s alcohol consumption…. (imagine how bad that can be).

What likely effects can alcohol intake have on a Pregnant Woman?
– Abortion
– Still birth
– Premature labor
– Infection of the amniotic fluid amnoinitis
– Placenta abruptio (placenta detaches from the womb)
– your baby gets deformed
– Baby’s growth lags behind or gets delayed…
– Child’s finds it difficult to learn.
– Sudden death of baby.

Please stay away from alcohol, tobacco and all forms of substance abuse when you are pregnant.
Listen to anything contrary at your own risks.
Please don’t be your own ‘village people’.





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Dr Chukwunonso Ufondu

-Dr Kelechi Williams Igbokwe


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