Can an embalmed body come back to life?

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Can an embalmed body come back to life????

Someone wrote this based on Scientific and Medical Facts.


So Bishop Oyedepo claim that a Man who was already embalmed came back to life after 24 hours???.

The keyword is CLAIM.

All these ridiculous claims has to STOP. They are no longer funny. They are not a good recommendation for the development of our society, or the progress of our nation. They are an embarrasing indicator of how intellectually shallow his listeners are. They are damaging to our collective psyche as a people. They are dangerous. They are disgraceful.

Where do I even start?

Okay, let’s take it step by step … A few hours after death, Rigor Mortis sets in. That is, the limbs and joints becomes stiff. This is the point where someone is certified DEAD. In advanced societies, Autopsies are carried out. This is a scientific examination to determine the cause of death. But in Nigeria, in most cases, no Autopsies were carried out…they just call out your name several times, shake you vigorously, and if there’s no response, they pronounce you dead. That’s all…

Stay with me…

If the dead body is to be preserved, maybe for the purpose of a Open-Casket Funeral service, then embalming the corpse is advisable. The process of embalmment is very straightforward. It has a laid down procedure. The Blood is drained from the veins and replaced with a chemical fluid that also contains preservatives. REPLACED means no more blood running through the veins, just chemicals.

Pay attention here…

Because this chemical fluid is administered through injections into the veins and arteries, the internal organs of the body are not properly be reached. So these organs are removed. I mean, the Intestines, Kidneys etc…and other vital organs like the Brain. This is standard procedure, and you can find hundreds of videos on the internet…

Can an embalmed body come back to life?
Can an embalmed body come back to life? Bishop Oyedepo’s claims are false.


So this Man, what is his name? Where does he live? Which work does he do? Who are his family members? When did this happen? Why are we just hearing about it only from Oyedepo? Why is the miraculous occurrence not splashed all over the news and social media, directly from the source? Who else has publicly confirmed this miracle? What proof or evidence do they have? And now that he came back to life, WILL HE LIVE FOREVER (Because it would be a shame if he is still going to die again, eventually…). And the most important question; WHY ARE SUCH THINGS ONLY HAPPENING IN AFRICA, AND NOT IN THE DEVELOPED WORLD???!!!

Meditate on all that ….

Take all the time you need…

Considering the perplexingly ridiculous level of this miraculous claim, we can all see that Oyedepo does NOT rate his followers at all. He has Zero regard for their intellectual capacity. He knows that they are incapable of engaging in the critical thought process. He is aware that they have the mental development of a Toddler in Kindergarten school. He must have known that they are such a waste of education and oxygen, only good to be manipulated and blackmailed and threatened through manufactured claims of a non existing spiritual abracadabra…

Because … if people actually use their brains when they gather in these brainwashing centres, they won’t continue to sit through such ridicule, time after time. It is mental and emotional abuse, to say the least.

We all remembered when T B Joshua died recently, on the way to being rushed to a Hospital… Yes, A HOSPITAL. He is not an old man, just still in his 50s, so it’s not as if he died of old age. He died from an illness that was lesser than the ones he always claim to have cured in thousands of other people. But he could not heal himself. Now, his Wife has continued from where he stopped…she has taken over his “Healing Ministry”…

Imagine that…

When these Men of God make all these outlandish claims, you expect them to live by those same standards, too. All these “I cured this. I healed that” … I raised that from the dead… I teleported that from a toilet… I commanded Angels to deposit money in accounts etc etc etc … they claim to be capable of all these things and many more, but when they need that same ability for themselves, they can NOT perform.

This is the same Oyedepo that quickly flew on his private Jet to Abuja when Pastor Enenche lost his younger brother about 3 years ago. The young man, also a Pastor, slumped suddenly and the elder brother totally forgot his training as a Medical Doctor but instead organized a prayer session. The rest is history… They themselves have become victims of their own duplicitous deceit.

I don’t even want to mention the relatively younger son of Daddy Adeboye, but I can’t help it. Just to put things in perspective…

Fair enough ….

I keep on saying it, and I will say it here again …”YOU CAN NOT DECEIVE REALITY, YOU CAN ONLY DECEIVE YOURSELVES. Reality doesn’t care about such intangible things like Anointing or Spirituality … Reality is why your Daddy GO goes about with armed security escorts … Reality is why churches now have CCTV Cameras … Reality is why they use Bullion Vans with Armed Policemen to transport money from Shiloh & Redeem Camp to the Banks.

Reality is Reality …

I was asking one of my Sunday School students a few weeks ago, that if he finds himself in a war zone and someone points a gun at him. He has 2 options … either he goes on his knees and starts praying, or he runs for cover …what would he do? He said he would run for cover. Then I told him “But If You Ask A Pastor, He Would Tell You To Go On Your Knees & Pray For Divine Intervention”.

Therein lies the problem …

And here’s the standard solution: If there’s ANYBODY telling you to abandon your present reality, and to live your life based on the experience of other ancient people who allegedly lived thousands of years ago in foreign lands…just know that the person does NOT mean well for you. If they are advising you to live like some unknown people did in primitive biblical times, and to hold on to those same primordial beliefs… then you may as well start putting on Robes & Sandals, living in Tents like Shepherds, reading from scrolls, riding a Camel or a horse or a donkey….in short, just go and find a cave somewhere in a desert!

Because it’s obvious that your religious leaders don’t want you to progress beyond those archaic level. You must have noticed that in the way they always try to discard new knowledge and how they criticize technological advancements. They want you to remain in the Dark Ages, because that is the surest way to control and dominate you…to use you, to own you…literally.

Your permanent freedom depends on factual Knowledge, NOT blind Belief. If they are fooling you, must you fool yourselves??? .

Can an embalmed body come back to life? No…steer clear of fake miracles running wild in Nigeria.

(c) Ajibola M Salami


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