Can plantain leaves Cure fibroid?

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A 33 year old woman who declined surgery for large fibroids masses want to know if you can use plantain leaves to shrink her fibroids.

From my mailbox:

Good evening doctor, please I need your candid advice. I am 33 years old I have have very large uterine fibroids….I have been married for the past 5 years but I have not being able to conceive. Last year, a had an appointment with a gynaecologist for my infertility who examined me, carried out a pelvic scan and told me I have giant uterine fibroids which is responsible for my inability to conceive (my husband has been certified ok by the gynaecologist). She (My OBGYN) counselled me on the need for surgery called myomectomy. She said the fibroids is taking up the space for the baby and I need to undergo surgery to make space in the womb for the foetus to implant and grow. I agreed to his counselling at first but later declined surgery when a lady friend of mine told of the numerous complications of fibroid surgery especially bleeding. She gave me herbal preparations made from plantain leaves which she instructed me to be taking morning and evening to shrink fibroids.

Can plantain leaves Cure fibroid?
Can plantain leaves Cure fibroid? No.

I have been taking the plaintain leaves concoction for about 3 months now but the fibroid masses has not shrunken…they are even increasing in size.

Doctor what do I do? Does plantian leaves cure fibroid ? Should I stop the plantain leaves and go for the myomectomy instead? Please advise me as you deemed best.

Thank you.

Chinaza from Abuja, Nigeria.

My reply;

Thank you for reaching out. Miss Chinaza, I think you already know the answer to your question. Follow the advise of your gynaecologist. You need to go for surgery to remove your huge fibroids …..the cause of your infertility is probably because of your huge fibroids, while not go for fibroid removal surgery to get rid of them? See plantain leaves will not and cannot cure or shrink uterine fibroids. Don’t waste your previous time.i understand you are scared of surgery because of the complications, it is a normal thing to fear surgery, but I think you should discuss your fears about the surgery with your doctor. Don’t worry, the complications or myomectomy are almost non-existent if it is carried out by an experienced gynaecologist. I think you should discuss this with you doctor.

The Plantain leaves you have been experimenting with have not worked in treating your , it is what it is, it will not work. Seek medical help and listen to your doctor .

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