Can I eat raw salmon while breastfeeding?

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What is really that special about eating raw salmon or sushi ….it is unhealthy and can cause you parasitic infestations like taeniasis. Most times raw fishes, sushis and seafoods contain loads of mercury, eating them raw can lead to mercury poisoning, a condition that can cause death and irreversible brain damage (plus kidney, liver, and vital organ destruction.

When you are breast feeding as a nursing mother, you should not eat or consume raw salmon or raw sushi at all….the possible mercury toxicity that may arise from eating raw salmon may be secreted into your breast milk and your baby will ingest the mercury, this can cause brain damage or seizures in your new born baby. Avoid eating raw salmon entirely whether you are breast feeding or not. It is unsafe for both you and your baby.

Still not convinced that eating raw salmon is unhealthy?

This news went viral and below are the radiographs …..the man eats a lot of raw fish, salmon and sushi…see how the worms are disseminated all over his body….

“In China’s Canton City, a man went to see his doctor for stomach pain and skin itching.
Radiographs (X-rays) showed that his entire body was infected with worms (taenia).
Doctors told him it was because of the large amount of raw fish (sashimi) he had eaten. Some pieces were supposed to be contaminated.
These types of cases have increased due to the growing popularity of sushi.

Research has shown that eating raw fish like salmon or not cooked enough fish or seafoods can cause parasitic infections. Intestinal parasitosis (taenia) develops after eating diphyllobothrium larvae found in freshwater fish like salmon.”

Can I eat raw salmon while breastfeeding?
Can I eat raw salmon while breastfeeding? This troubling picture alone will tell you that the answer is NO.

You can now see why it is wrong for you to eat raw salmon while breastfeeding. It can put both you and your breastfed baby at grave health risk.

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