How much Papaya should I eat to stop pregnancy?How much unripe papaya can cause abortion?

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You know some ladies use papaya to prevent pregnancy right? A lady who wants to abort her 8 weeks old pregnancy with herbs wants to enquire how much unripe pawpaw she will need to eat to terminate her unwanted pregnancy.

Dear doctor,

I am Tolu based in Lagos and I am 8months pregnant. I last saw my period 2 months ago. Urine, blood pregnancy test and ultrasound scan has confirmed that I am 2 months pregnant. I don’t want to keep this pregnancy. I want it removed. I was recently told that unripe papaya can terminate unwanted pregnancy. My question is how many unripe papaya do I need to eat to terminate this pregnancy? How much unripe papaya can cause abortion? I need you to please reply me.

Hello good evening and thank you for reaching out. Now I got your message. I must confess that the trend of using unripe papaya leaves an d unripe pawpaw to terminate pregnancy is not new to us. In fact, our fore mothers have used it before now but the problem is doesnt it really work. I am not going to tell you how I’ve heard ladies use it because I consider it unsafe. Why do you want to use unripe pawpaw to remove unwanted pregnancy when there are fat safer and more reliable methods of medical or surgical abortion?

How much Papaya should I eat to stop pregnancy?
How much Papaya should I eat to stop pregnancy?

Yes, it is true that eating plenty of unripe papaya (papaya enzyme pills are even being researched for abortion use) can cause violent uterine contraction that will cause miscarriage or lead to an abortion. It is true I must confess. That doesn’t rule out the fact that it is unsafe. Using unripe papaya for abortion or contraception can damage your womb and make you unable to get pregnant in future.

Can papaya seeds stop pregnancy? Yes but will life threatening complications. Some of the complications of using pawpaw for abortion are uterine rupture, bleeding, endometritis, uterine infections, vaginal infections, retained product of conception, incomplete abortion, uterine synechiae , abdominal cramps, and even death.

I am begging every lady put there to seek better methods of terminating pregnancy or preventing pregnancy as unripe pawpaw will cause you more harm than good. Moreover, it is most likely that the unripe papaya you are planning to use to remove your unwanted pregnancy may not work, it will fail you.

Miss Tolu, Marie Stopes Clinic is in Lagos and they counsel women in your kind of situation. Pay a visit to them. They will help you.

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  1. Doctor good evening, if using unripe papaya is not safe then what else, because right now am a victim of unwanted pregnancy about four weeks I have used some drugs and injection given to me by my nurse and also cytote but it did not work I don’t know what else to and am scared of going for D&C please what’s your advice am Esther from Abia State


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