Best blood tonic for sickle cell patient in Nigeria

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A Nigeria man want to know the best, recommended and medically indicated blood tonic suitable for sickle cell patient.

From my mailbox:

Good evening I am a 24 year old sickler that has had repeated blood transfusions because of my recurrent bone pain crisis. My hematologist said I have developed excess blood iron (hemochromatosis) because of the repeated transfusion I have underwent in the last 2 years. My doctor advised me that I no longer take iron containing supplements and blood tonic.

My question is, which blood tonic can one get in Nigeria that does not contain iron that I can take? I want blood tonic that has folic acid and other vitamins and not iron.

My reply:

See the only blood tonic or multivitamin I know in Nigeria that is good for sickle cell patients is ASTYMIN AND NOT ASTYFER..This is because ASTYMIN does not contain iron while astyfer does. Other iron containing blood tonic like tothema, chemiron, bunto etc are not good for sickle cell disease patients. As a doctor, sickle patients or HBSS patients of mine are placed on ASTYMIN because it is the safest blood tonic out there for this category of persons.

Best blood tonic for sickle cell patient in Nigeria
Best blood tonic for sickle cell patient in Nigeria – Astymin

A sickle patient already has excess of chronic iron overload in the blood, adding iron containing blood tonic , multivitamin or supplement to his or her routine medications can worsen the iron overload leading to hemochromatosis. In hemochromatosis, iron become deposited in the body’s vital organs like the heart, kidneys, pancreas, skin, eyes, intestines etc…This can lead to sudden death,heart failure, diabetes and multiple organ failure.

Why is too much iron dangerous?

Too much iron can be toxic.

In the heart, it can cause:

Arrythmia (irregular heartbeat).

Heart failure.

Too much iron in the liver can lead to:

Cirrhosis (scarring).

Enlarged liver.

Liver cancer.

Liver failure.

In addition, iron overload can cause:

Arthritis (joint damage).


Problems with the spleen, adrenal glands, pituitary gland, gallbladder or thyroid.

Problems with the reproductive system, such as erectile dysfunction in men and early menopause in women.

Skin that may look noticeably more gray or bronze than usual.

If the condition isn’t treated, it can lead to death.

As a sickler , you should avoid iron containing blood tonic to prevent iron overload which you are already at risk of. If you want a blood tonic, astymin is best for you.

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