Can a nursing mother or breastfeeding mother or lactating mother eat indomie noddles?

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A nursing and breastfeeding mother want to enquire if it is safe to eat indomie noodles.

From my mailbox;

Good morning doctor and compliments of the the season. My name is Maryam and I am a 27 years old nursing mother just gave birth to a baby girl last week. My baby girl is barely one week old. Please I want to know if it is safe, healthy or good for the a nursing mother that is breast feeding to eat indomie noodles or other brands of noodles. I love eating indomie and it is part of my food menu. Don’t worry I cook it very well, I usually cook my noodles with lots of vegetables , fish, crayfish and pieces of meat. I just want to know if I can continue eating indomie noodles as a nursing mom that is breastfeeding her baby.

Can a nursing mother eat indomie noodles ?
Can a nursing mother indomie noodles?

My reply:

Congratulations on the delivery of your newborn baby. With further ado, let me answer your questions immediately. You see, there is nothing wrong in eating indomie noodles or other brands of noodles during breastfeeding or as a nursing mother. It is healthy and safe. Just make sure you garnish it will loads of crayfish, eggs, fish, meat, chicken and vegetables. Also when you are breastfeeding , make sure you reduce the seasoning as the fear is usually about monosodium glutamate being secreted in the breastmilk and passed on to babies.

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I have done my little and worthy homework about indomie noodles, I have found nothing incriminating about indomie noodles and breastfeeding. Noodles does not negatively affect breast feeding at all. It does not affect breast milk production or let out. The only fear about indomie noodles is that it does not contain the required nutrients needed for a nursing mother who is still breastfeeding. …To some, indomie noodles is not good food that will meet the nutrition requirements of a lactating mother. The nutritional requirements of a lactating mom is double or triple and plain indomie can never meet that. Since you said you add all sorts of garnishing like fish, eggs, tomatoes,vegetables , crayfish and so on, it makes it better. Please don’t depend on indomie alone , eat other Nigerian foods for a healthier you and your baby.


Indomie is good for nursing and breastfeeding moms as it does not dry up breaat milk or prevent its production or flow. You can eat it but with added garnishing. Indomie noodles alone cannot meet the huge nutritional demand of a breast feeding mum or a pregnant woman. Eat other foods. For nursing mothers worried about the effect of monosodium glutamate (MSG) – (a key component of indomie seasoning) on breast milk, I advise you remove it, reduce it or use your normal seasoning instead.

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