Can a nursing mother drink clove water?

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Two nursing mothers want to find out if clove water is good for breastfeeding mums.

From my mailbox; Two messages

Compliments of the season. I am Aminat and I am writing from Sokoto, Nigeria. Doctor I gave birth to a bouncing baby girl 4 weeks ago ….being a huge fan of clove water, I want to know if it is safe for me to continue drinking clove water for the sake of my newborn baby. Knowing that I am a nursing mother, is it safe for me to take clove water? I want to take clove water to help reduce my post-pregnancy weight gain and to cleanse my womb of stale blood and clot. Is it safe for me as at now?

Can a nursing mother drink clove water?
Can a nursing mother drink clove water?

The second nursing mother:

Hello doctor, I have a tooth ache. I want to know if it is safe for me to use clove water or clove oil to relieve my tooth pain. Mind you, i am a breastfeeding mom and my baby is 4 months old now.

My reply;

Clove water is highly reputed for its numerous health benefits and medicinal properties. Cloves is used to treat tooth ache, vaginal infections, hair health and glowing skin. See, it is true that clove water is not safe for pregnant women, but I am not sure of the safety of clove water in breast feeding mothers. I know a woman who is nursing a baby and breastfeeding him, she has been taking clove water every morning and nothing untoward has happened to her and her baby. There is another woman who consumed clove water and clove oil for her tooth pain and recurrent vaginal infections, she and her baby are as fit as fiddle. However, there are fears out there that clove water may alter the breast milk taste and become a turn off for babies to feed on.

My opinion, clove water is not bad for breastfeeding mothers or nursing mothers if taken with moderation. Don’t abuse it, take it once or twice and not everyday if your are nursing a baby.

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