Health benefits of Miyan Kuka (baobab leaf soup).

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Below, find a recipe for KUKA soup.

KUKA SOUP (4 servings): A Northern Nigeria speciality.

This green soup is made with powdered baobab leaves and thickened lightly with dried okra.
Very tasty and serve well with tuwo shinkafa or dawa.

👉225g/8 oz. kuka leaves
👉225g/8 oz. dried ground okra or half of this amount when using fresh okra
👉I fresh chilli
👉4 fresh tomatoes
👉500g dry or fresh fish
👉6 tablespoons palm oil
👉l litre stock or water
👉salt to taste

Miyan kuka is a common soup and one of the most favorite soup of the hausa’s in the northern part of Nigeria, it is eaten with either tuwon Shinkafa or Tuwon Masara, or any other suitable swallow. But do you know that the leaf used in making Miyan Kuka(baobab leaf) has a lot of health benefit?


👉Boabab Dried leaves Powder is a Multipurpose soup making powder which offers protection and provide nutrition as well as medicinal Benefits for Humans.

👉Baobab has numerous Biological properties and its good antimicrobial agent. Research had shown that Baobab is good in treating Malaria, Cough, diarrhea, Anemia, parasitic Skin infection and anti inflammatory Activities among others.

Health benefits of Miyan Kuka (boabab leaf soup)
Health benefits of Miyan Kuka soup (boabab leaf soup)

👉Miyan Kuka soup is rich in vitamin A and C as well as other nutrients such as Alpha and Beta carotene. These prevents cancer, provides uronic acid for bladder Health and it also has potassium glutamic Acid and Natural sugars which is good for human Body. Potassium is an important constituent of Baobab fruit, which is known to be Beneficial for Heart Health.

👉The baobab leaf powder is just as rich in nutrients as the powder got from the fruit pulp. The leaves are rich in Vitamin C as well as other nutrients such as alpha and beta-carotene.

👉These prevent cancer, uronic acid for bladder health, and have potassium, calcium, tannins, glutamic acid, mucilage, catechins, tartrate, rhamnose and other natural sugars.

Therapeutically, baobab leaf powder has numerous health benefits and is rich in medicinal properties that help in treating common ailments.

👉The powder acts as an expectorant for treating the common cold, an antipyretic and a diaphoretic. It also helps in negating excessive perspiration.

👉The baobab leaf powder can also treat common allergy problems with its hyposensitive, antihistamine properties. Various reports have shown that it can treat

👉Insect bites,
👉Kidney disease,
👉and even dracunculiasis, which is an endemic parasitic infection. Guinea worm has been eradicated in Nigeria.

Drying kuka leaves and grinding them up is a common practice in the African communities. They are sun-dried, grounded and cooked daily. A proper drying method is essential to reserve the vitamin A level in the powder.

The vitamin A content in the powder is highly variable and often depends on the type of baobab tree, the drying and processing methods used.

Just Sit tight and enjoy your miyan kuka!


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