Can a nursing mother take ginger garlic and turmeric? Can a breastfeeding mother take ginger , garlic and turmeric combo?

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There is this confusion on whether nursing mothers or breastfeeding mothers can take ginger , garlic or turmeric. Some readers want to know whether it is safe for breastfeeding nursing mothers to take ginger, turmeric and garlic preparations while others are concerned about the safety of their babies when they take ginger garlic and turmeric. This is because these combo preparations are most times secreted in the breast milk which the baby will eat. People that ask these questions are actually more concerned about the safety of these herbs for new born babies and for the mothers.

Can a nursing mother take ginger garlic and turmeric?
Can a nursing mother take ginger garlic and turmeric? Find out

Let us find out:

Is ginger good for breastfeeding nursing mothers?

Yes, if taken in moderation. Ginger is a well known herb that has galactogogue property. That is, it has the ability to promote milk flow, milk production and milk let out for babies to suck and eat. BREASTFEEDING women can take ginger but not too much. Ginger is good for breast feeding mothers if taken with utmost moderation.Taking to much of ginger can make the breast milk have ginger odour and even taste like ginger. This may turn off your baby ans she may starve.

Is garlic good for breastfeeding nursing mums?

Garlic is completely safe for breastfeeding mothers….Garlic is even advised for newly delivered mothers to help will milk secretion. When taken in moderation, garlic is a galactogogue and a secretogogue. Garlic is sometimes secreted in breastmilk and this is also safe for babies. However, abdominal colic has been found in babies whose nursing mothers who take too much garlic. Garlic is good for breastfeeding mothers, but for the sake of your baby, take with moderation.

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Is tumeric good for breastfeeding mothers?

Scientists, food experts, and pediatricians consider turmeric very safe for breastfeeding feeding mums and they are encouraged to take turmeric taken postpartum. As one of its health benefits , turmeric promote breast milk production and milk let out for the baby to eat for his or her nutrition. Turmeric should be included in the first of nursing mums. It is safe and healthy.


Can a nursing mother take ginger garlic and turmeric? The answer is yes if taken with moderation. The combo drink or preparations of ginger, garlic and turmeric should be included in the diet of nursing mothers because it promote breastmilk production and let out. I recommend turmeric ginger and garlic drink for women who are experiencing poor milk flow after giving birth, the drink stimulate the breast to let out milk for the baby. Ginger , garlic and tumeric drink has oxytocin effect on the breast.

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