How long does it take For Aju Mbaise to work?

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A woman who just gave birth and intend to lose post pregnancy weight and big tummy with aju mbaise want to find out how long it will take aju mbaise to work….

From my inbox:

Dear doctor;

Goodmorning and thank you for all your website do. I have read all your numerous article on how aju mbaise helps to promote weight loss and flat tummy in women who just gave birth. I delivered via C-section about 6 weeks ago and I have become very fat, chubby with protruded big tummy fat. I needed to burn some fat and shed some weight so I commenced drinking aju mbaise tea for weight loss and flat tummy. I have been taking aju mbaise tea for about 2 week now. I don’t know if I am the one that is impatient or it is the aju mbaise that is not working as i have not experienced a significant change in my weight ever since. Does it take this long before one start seeing results? How long does it take For Aju Mbaise to work? Do I need to be more patient or commence dieting?

Chizoba writes from Imo, Nigeria

How long does it take For Aju Mbaise to work?
Aju mbaise herbal drink takes time to work.

My reply;

Thank you for reaching out. Let me be straight in answering your questions. Aju mbaise is actually used to shed post-pregnancy fat and big tummy but it takes time and dedication to work. Aju mbaise works better with exercise and dietary regimen you know.As for when you will start seeing results, aju mbaise will take about one month to work in reducing weight I must confess. For some women, it takes a period of 3 months for them to lose 10kg or 15kg when they take aju mbaise tea religiously. Miss Chizoba, I will advise you be patient in addition to combining your aju mbaise regimen with excercise (jog sometimes or take a walk for some distance). I will not advise you to diet yet because you need to eat enough foods to gather enough nutrients to breast feed your baby.

I hope I have answered your questions.

I wish you and your baby the best of luck and good health.

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