How long should I take Aju Mbaise? + Aju Mbaise Dosage

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From my mailbox:

A lady want to know how long she could take aju Mbaise and how much she should take to get the desired result.

Her message:

Good day Sir. I am Chinaza and I have writing from Delta state. Doctor, I have been taking #aju #mbaise for a 2 weeks now. I #aju #mbaise I consume daily has Negro pepper (uda) and uziza in it. I know too much of everything is bad. I don’t want to abuse the the herbal drink, I want to know #how #long I should take #aju #mbaise before I will stop. I also want to know the dosage of aju mbaise and the recommended duration I am expected to drink it. I know aju mbaise is not without side effects if taken for too long.

Thank you as I anticipate your reply.

My reply;

I get this question almost every other day. #Aju #mbaise is a very popular help that many ladies use for weight loss, womb cleansing, regulating menstruation , reducing belly fat and so on. To achieve these health benefits, #aju #Mbaise herbs are to be taken 2 times a day, morning and evening (night), always take it either hot or warm (cold aju mbaise is not really advisable) first thing in the morning 45 minutes or 1 hour before food and last thing at night before going to bed…

How long should I take Aju Mbaise? + Aju Mbaise Dosage
Aju Mbaise should not be taken for too long.

You can take #aju #mbaise consistently for not longwr than 4 weeks (one month)…..Too much of #aju #mbaise can cause some deleterious side effects so don’t take it for more than a month please. If you have kidney disease or liver disease, I will advise you talk to your doctor before #taking this #aju #mbaise herb preparations. A weak kidney or liver will not tolerate taking #aju #mbaise for too #long duration. Your doctor will even advise you against it.

Is this clear?

Thank you for your time.

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