What is Aju Mbaise called in Yoruba langauage? What is Aju Mbaise called in English language?

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Aju mbaise is an Igbo weight loss and body slimming herb that originated from Mbaise, Imo state Nigeria. Aju mbaise is given to women who just delivered to reduce their post pregnancy belly fat and weight. It also has womb cleansing properties. Other tribes in Nigeria like the Hausa and the Yorubas have all keyed into the use of aju mbaise.

What is Aju Mbaise called in Yoruba langauage
What is Aju Mbaise called in Yoruba langauage? No name yet.

Now, I tried to find out what aju mbaise is called in hausa , Yoruba and English but I found none. The Yorubas and hausas call the herb just as the igbos call it – aju mbaise.

You want to know more about the benefits of aju mbaise?

Pleasw read the passage below:

Since my sister and I had our second babies, we have been searching for a way to lose our post-natal tummies . We have tried the lemon-ginger-cumcumber drink. It worked but our tummies still came out when we stopped. And lemons are unusually expensive.

Last week, one of our friends introduced us to “AJU-MBAISE”. She said she drank it for 2days and amazingly her stomach flattened.

We decided to try it out. She took us to the woman that sells it. We bought some. In my house, I boiled one of them with 2liters of water after washing it thoroughly with clean water. It looks like lipton. AND After a WEEK of taking it morning, afternoon and night judiciously, our tummies dramatically
reduced to the extent that people started taking notice of our great shape. Another side effect we noticed was that it also made us stronger.

AJU-MBAISE is usually one of the ingredients used in cooking for mothers after child delivery. I never knew it could help in getting a sexy flat tummy within a short time.



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