Home remedy for staphylococcus in Nigeria…Local herbs for treatment of Staphylococcus in Nigeria.

Here are some the home remedies of the now so misconstrued staph infection in Nigeria


Please walk up to any local herbal sellers in your area and get the items below 👇🏿

1️» Bitter Melon (Bara)
2️» Maca Roots (Isu Baaka)
3️» Curculigo pilosa (Epa ikun)
3️» Christmas Melon (Tagiri)
4️» Trona/potash (Kahun bilala)

Home remedy for staphylococcus in Nigeria
Home remedy for staphylococcus in Nigeria


Get one BARA (Bitter melon), cut into pieces, Get ISU BAAKA (Maca Roots)and EPA IKUN (Curculigo Pilosa) , cut it into small pieces, and get one TAGIRI (Christmas Melon), cut into pieces, put all the ingredients inside 2L keg, add little POTASH to it, soak it with either Guinness Stout, lime juice or dry Gin for 3days.


Take it Two shots morning and night daily until the 2L is finish. It will cure your chronic Staphylococcus infections.

>️ This herbal preparation will clear up all the bacteria, yeast infection, Gonorrhea, toilet infections, and other STDs in your body within short period of usage especially if you use Stout.

>️ You can also take this herbal if your menstruation is irregular.


^ Please this herbal DOES NOT cure HIV, Herpes simplex, chlamydia, Human Papillomavirus and Hepatitis.

^ Stay away from this medicine if you have ULCER or if you don’t take alcohol, there is no better way to prepare it without alcohol.

^ Please note that this herbal preparation may PURGE you, so don’t take it when you are not at home.



▪ Guava leaves
▪ Moringa leaves
▪ Moringer seed
▪ Turmeric
▪ Garlic and Ginger
▪ Papaya leave
▪ Aloe vera.


Wash and cut them to small sizes then boil them for 35 mins together.


Take a glass cup first thing in the morning and night. You can use it as your drink as well.

Try refrigerate them (preferably 5days).

Staph infection are quite common but are very much different from candida infection. Staphylococcus is a bacteria while candida albicans is a fungus. Candida is responsible for vaginal yeast infection….I will talk more about the difference between candida and Staphylococcus in another article .

Stay tuned.

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