Ewa Agoyin sauce ingredients….See how to make ewa agoyin beans at home.

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Ewa AGOYIN beans believed to have originated from the Yoruba tribe in Togo is a staple food in Lagos, Ibadan, Ogun and other Southwestern states of Nigeria. It is also popularly known in Lagos as “Togo beans”. Ewa AGOYIN is overcooked beans with fried oil and other “medemede”.

Ewa AGOYIN is not only affordable and available , it is also rich in proteins, carbydrates , vitamins and minerals. Children, adults, old , elderly , and young wat Ewa AGOYIN.

Ewa AGOYIN is sold in restaurants, bukas, and also hawked by food vendors in Lagos.

Ewa AGOYIN can be eaten with agege bread or normal bread, garri, yam, and akamu.

Do you want to know how to prepare Ewa AGOYIN at home including the recipes and directions ? Then read this ….


Ewa Agoyin sauce ingredients (EWA AGOYIN RECIPES)

How to prepare Ewa agoyin beansπŸ‘‡

-3 cups Black Eyed Beans
-300ml Palm Oil
-8-10 Pieces Dried Bell Peppers (Tatsahe gbigbe)
-1 Medium Size Red Onion
-2-3 Pieces Cameroon Pepper
-3 Heaped Tablespoons Dried Pepper Seeds
-1 Tablespoon Ground Pepper (Atagungun)
-1/2 Teaspoon Minced Ginger
-2 Tablespoons Dried whole crayfish or 1/2 cup smoked fish(optional)
-1 Maggi Crayfish (optional)

Ewa Agoyin sauce ingredients (EWA AGOYIN RECIPES)
A richly prepared Ewa AGOYIN served with agege bread …..

Cooking directions:
-Blend your pepper, minced ginger, crayfish & Maggi crayfish together; Set aside.
-Pick and wash your beans, cook till tender.
-Once fully cooked, use wooden spoon to mash the beans till there’s almost no whole beans in sight.
-Get yourself a saucepan and bleach your palm oil for 10 mins; Add your chopped onions and fry until it’s a little burnt.
-Add your blended pepper, ground pepper, smoked fish and salt to taste. Still on low heat, let it fry for at least 40 minutes.
-Your sauce should look a bit black but not burnt.

-Your Ewa Agoyin is ready; Serve with fried plantains or enjoy with soft bread…πŸ€—.

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