is pineapple and cucumber good for weight loss?

Of course yes….you want to know how read this article..In the mean time, welcome to

Combination of Pineapple and cucumber for weight loss…..
Pineapples and cucumber provides great benefits for losing weight and make the ideal combination that will make you lose 3 pounds in 3 days (with exercise though)

How to use pineapple and cumcumber for weight loss and flat tummy.


Two slides of pineapple
Half cucumber
Two tablespoons of honey (optional)
A cup of water

-Remove the pineapple skin an cut into smaller sizes for easy blending.
-Cut cucumber into smaller sizes.
-Put the ingredients in a blender.
-Now add your cup of water and blend very well
-Pour in a cup and enjoy

Is this instuction clear enough?

Now how does pineapple and cucumber help in weight reduction?

It is simple. Pineapple and cumcumber smoothie with or without ginger is very high in fibres. Fibres help fill-ipup the stomach and prevent you from eating more. This will invariably lead to weight .Also fibres are no to help burn excess calories in the body. It is also a statement of fact that fruits rich in fibres helps to burn excess fat from the body.

I will conclude by telling you that pineapple and cucumber smoothie are a perfect weight loss and body detox drink that every body should be taking morning and evening to lose weight.


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