pineapple cucumber ginger smoothie benefits, pineapple and cucumber smoothie benefits.


A powerful combo that burns abdominal fat and perfect for weight reduction. Pineapple and cucumber provides great benefits for losing weight and make the ideal combination that will make you lose belly fat fast.


>2 slice of pineapple

>Half cucumber

>2 spoon of honey

~a slice or two of ginger (optional though)

~Optional: A cup of water


Remove the pineapple peel and cut both cucumber and the pineapple into pieces, put them in the blender and add your cup of water and blend it…..pour in a cup and enjoy. You may add ginger or garlic for your fancy and taste.


Drink every morning on an empty stomach 30 minutes before break fast,take it for a week after competing this period, you should take a break for another week then resume it consumption only two times a week..

Nitritional benefits of pineapple and cucumber drink:

Our Pineapple Cucumber Smoothie is both refreshing and packed with bone-healthy nutrients.

Not only is it loaded with powerful antioxidants, calcium, vitamin K, vitamin C, manganese, magnesium, and potassium (just to name a few!), this green smoothie also contains collagen for additional bone-boosting benefits.

Plus, it’s fast and easy to whip together! Try it as a nourishing breakfast or snack.

pineapple and cucumber smoothie benefits.
pineapple and cucumber smoothie has numerous health benefits.

Pineapple cucumber ginger smoothie benefits

👉Pineapple and cucumber drink is good for weight loss and belly fat….

👉Pineapple and cucumber combo is good for detoxing the colon for colon cleansing.

👉Pineapple and cucumber recipe helps to burn belly fat

👉Pineapple and cucumber is used for liver and kidney detox

👉Pineapple and cucumber juice is good for the eye because it is rich in vitamin A

👉The vitamins and minerals in pineapple and cucumber helps to promote wound healing.

👉Men who drink loads of pineapple and cucumber juice have been shown to have better erections and last longer in bed.

👉A mixed combo drink of ginger pineapple and cumcumber soothes the stomach and relieves stomach ulcer

👉Pineapple and cucumber combo drink is a presumed womb cleanser.

👉Pineapple and cucumber are anticancer

👉Pineapple and cucumber promote vaginal health and prevent vagina infections like bacteria vaginosis, yeast infection and so on.

👉Boost ovulation.

👉Drink pineapple and cucumber juice more often, it is good for gut health.

👉Take a cup of blended pineapple and cucumber juice at night for good night sleep.

👉A combo drink of pineapple and cucumber juice is rich in fibres…Fibres are known for their ability to treat and prevent constipation.

👉The combo promotes the growth of healthy skin and hair.

👉Gives vitality and boost the immune system to fight deadly diseases especially in this age of coronavirus pandemic.

👉It is a sweetener ….ladies should understand what I mean by this.

Note:-People who have kidney disease, heart disease or stomach ulcer CAN take this pineapple, ginger and cucumber combo for good health.

This juice will definitely do wonders for you .it will help you keep balance the pH of your body and reduce acidity

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