Medicines, creams and drugs for yeast infection in Ghana.

Vaginal candidiasis or vaginal yeast infection is the commonest cause of vaginal infections in Ghanaian women. There are special antifungal drugs , creams, medicines used to treat yeast infection and are available in pharmacy stores in Ghana…

But first….

What is candidiasis?

It is a fungal infection caused by a yeast that belongs to the genus Candida. Candida yeast normally reside in the intestinal tract and mucous membranes and skin without causing infection or harm. But overgrowth of this Candida can cause symptoms to develop and the symptoms depend on the area of the body that is affected.


👉Vaginal discharge
👉Burning sensation
👉Irritation of the vulva
👉Pain or soreness in the vagina or vaginal opening
👉A thick white discharge which in some people is odourless and in some persons, it has odour
the odour smells like fish

It is important to note that everyone will not have all this symptoms. Some may have all and some may have some.

Medicines, creams and drugs for yeast infection in Ghana.
Medicines, creams and drugs for yeast infection in Ghana.


👉Candidiasis is a yeast infection and yeast infections are not sexually transmitted.

👉Yeast infections are usually caused by Candida Albicans, although species can also cause yeast infections.

👉There is usually a delicate balance of yeast and bacteria in the vagina and a upset of this balance in a case where yeast increases can cause candidiasis

👉Another cause is the excessive use of antibiotics. If you buy antibiotics, after recovering, you stop taking it. Too much of everything is bad sha.

👉Uncontrolled diabetes also causes it.

👉Immunocompromised persons may be vulnerable.
By immunocompromised, I mean that your immune system or body defense is weak

👉Use of hormonal contraceptives or contraceptive devices also cause it. This doesn’t happen for everyone.

👉Poor diet because it compromises your immune system and makes you susceptible

👉Excessive lack of sleep also compromises your immune system and makes you susceptible if you’re exposed to what can cause it.

👉Sitting on public toilet(for ladies). It’s not as if men don’t get infected by it, but it’s rare.

👉Douching. Douching is when you pour dettol or acid Cidar Vingar or whatever thing you put in water and sit on it. If you’re already exposed, don’t touch yet.


Promptly change wet clothing. It limits the growth of the fungi.
Avoid douching

Don’t always go for long days without sleeping at all

Eat a balanced and varied diet

Avoid sitting on public toilet(for ladies). You can use your pee bucket.

Only take antibiotics when necessary

I told story about the douching with hot water and dettol, avoid it.

Medicines, creams and drugs for yeast infection in Ghana.


Candidiasis can be severe and very complicated and it can be mild and uncomplicated.


In this situation, drugs such as Terconazole, Miconazole, Clotrimazole is used.

It is important to note that these drugs are oil based and therefore when using them, it is important to note that diaphragms and condoms may not be reliable at that point because it weakens them by virtue of being oil based.


In this situation, fluconazole is used and it can supplemented with weekly intake of clotrimazole.

White Vitamin C is also very important. All the persons that I’ve recommended Vitamin C for, including those that are close to me have reported a massive reduction in itching or its total disappearance.

BUT LOOK HERE………….👇👇👇 below

I want to tell you how I’ve treated all the patients I’ve encountered and all of them got well and healed except one person and that person was because she wasn’t serious and consistent with the treatment and she didn’t stick to the exact routine I recommended to her.

Here is how I do mine

✔ Buy fluconazole (200mg) or 150mg and not less. But please try and find 200mg

✔ Buy clotrimazole pessary

✔ Buy Vitamin C

✔ Buy paracetamol

✔Now, the fluconazole should be taken in the morning and at night.

✔ If you take fluconazole at 8am, ensure that every morning you take it at 8am or if you’re late, then 9am

✔ Same applies to night intakes, stick to the same time every morning and night.

✔ On the first day of taking fluconazole, do not insert clotrimazole

✔ On the second day, you can start inserting clotrimazole, preferably only at night

✔ When the first clotrimazole packet finishes, do not buy another but buy another fluconazole if the symptoms have not cleared completely

✔ Even when the symptoms has subsided drastically, still one more tab of fluconazole

✔ two tabs of Vitamin C, morning, afternoon and night respectively

✔ Take paracetamol every time you use fluconazole and clotrimazole

✔ There must be no sex during this treatment as sex massively reduces the effectiveness of the treatment.

💥Klovinal pessary also helps to cure yeast infection.

💥Creams like FUNBACT A cream, ketoconazole cream and terbinafine creams apply to the vulva may help reduce itching.

Dr Bill


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