How to soften natural hair in Nigeria….

Nigerian ladies on Hair Solutions, a Facebook page talks about how they make their natural hair soft.

Nwabekee Nwabekee writes:

When I tell people that their hair can be soft and still be thick,they still don’t believe or understand, yes is very much possible

The issue most times is that we are ignorant of certain skills you can use to handle natural hard hair to make them soft and gentle .

I have thought of deep conditioning right,it does not only repair your hair,deep conditioning softens hair too. What you have to achieve depends on how much you practice.

How to soften natural hair in Nigeria
How to soften natural hair in Nigeria

If your hair is stubborn or is strong,you can deep condition weekly it will help you alot to soften. By the time two months pass ,you have already gotten a soft hair,then you might shift to deep conditioning once a month

What about moisturizing ,if you have a strong hair constant moisturizing can help soften your hair,don’t you know we have good leave in conditioner with oil and butter and water too, combining this in moisturizing can soften your hair.

I have thought about hydrolyzed protein
This kind of protein strengthens and detangles hair. Hydrolysed protein is contained in most deep in conditioner and leave-in-conditioner.

And some instant conditioner

There are detangling instant conditioners too,I have mentioned that already.

Why are you even suffering your hair,don’t you know your hair must be moisturized before any activity like combing, plaiting? Now you know.

Take heed please, have you not watch youtube and see how the handle natural hair? But you and your stylist will be rough handling your hair…handle with care.

You will see deep in conditioner ,you will do as if is not your business

You will pass moisturizing post

You don’t have a spray can

You mix concoction that hardens hair in your spray can, when you now spray the hair will now be stiff and hard.

You will wash without using instant conditioner, claiming natural hair don’t need instant conditioner.

I have said it repeatedly,if you don’t have tools,and you don’t have skills,you will retouch again

Growing hair is a skill….if you want Nigerian soft hair. You have to out extra work at it.

The claims and instructions of Nwabekee was fully supported by Sandikay Vickine who shed more light on softening thick , strong natural hair.👇

The truth is what you just nailed. Best lady you are talking to me .
That was my case in 2018 to 2020 when I first went natural I normally use fenugreek and some other herbs, I had a spray can and I make use of it but I was not doing deep conditional and I was not using instant conditional either my hair was growing well but was very very strong if I did not put my hair on protective style in a day I can’t comb my hair.
The hair was very thick and hard after combing my hair I will be having pains in my scalp then I went back to relax hair in late 2020 then I saw the big difference in been relax and been natural then I went natural again by cutting off all my hair by late March this years. I have been deep conditioning my hair every week for some time now and my hair is very soft and I love the hair now. Thanks best lady for all your teachings, time and energy…….Of a truth growing hair is a skill 👌


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