How To use Ghana seed for flat tummy and weight loss. How to use miracle seed for flat tummy. Best way to use miracle seed for weight loss

Are you tired of several slimming teas, weight loss diet and workouts that seems to yield no results, worry no more, this is GHANA SEED ALSO CALLED MIRACLE SEED 👇 and it helps in reducing weight and tummy by burning the accumulated fats in your body.

How to use Ghana seed for flat tummy and weight loss…

🙋Do you want to burn belly fat or lose weight fast or detox? See how to eat miracle seed for flat tummy

Get “ghana seed” also known as Miracle Seed, take just one and chew with groundnut(fried or cooked)…do this every day and you will start seeing results in 4 weeks especially when combined with exercise and dieting.

🙏🙏Please do not take more than one Ghana seed at once as overdosage of Ghana seed can cause severe diarrhoea and abdominal cramps.

👉For general body weight loss, you chew it with milk or groundnut. Please 1 seed ONLY per week.

Ghana seed for weight side effects

The feedback no have gotten so far from persons who have tried Ghana seed for losing weight and flat belly is diarrhoea and abdominal pains. Vomiting and nausea has also been reported.

Where can I get miracle seed for weight loss?

It is easy…it is sold online and in many supermarkets or local markets. In Lagos, you can get Ghana seed in local stores ..


Do not use Ghana seed if you are pregnant or breast feeding.

Do not take Ghana seed if you have stomach ulcer please, it can worse ulcer pains.

Do not give Ghana seed to children

How To use Ghana seed for flat tummy and weight loss
Ghana seed helps in weight loss when combined with exercise

Few Tips about weight loss you should know

Weight loss is a decrease in your overall body weight. This weight includes muscle, fat, and water in your body. That’s what your regular scales show you: you’ve simply lost some pounds. Fat loss usually designates a reduction in body fat.

Some people believe that losing weight is a linear process. You may lose weight on some days and weeks while gaining weight on others. This isn’t something to be concerned about.

It’s natural for your body weight to fluctuate by a few pounds.

The good news is that no matter what your weight loss goal is, even a small weight loss of 5 to 10% of your total body weight will likely result in health benefits such as lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and lower blood sugar levels.

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Regular exercise and a healthy diet can provide a slew of advantages, including increased energy, happiness, health, and even longer life. Exercise and diet are critical factors in determining a person’s overall health, and incorporating them both into your daily routine can drastically improve how you look and feel.

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  1. I started taking it on the 30th January ever since I started taking it my stomach is running like no bodies business, is that normal?

  2. Hi. Where can I buy this Ghana or miracle seeds in Johannesburg or eastrand mall as I want to loose weight and get pregnant too can this seed help me fall pregnant when I have cyst

  3. Dr.Udomoh Eshemokha
    I started to drink Ghana seeds on the 9th of February 2022, first day I was blowing or blowtted and feeling like a there’s a mist in my tummy the whole night until I drink green tea then my stummy was starting to be that the way it supposed to be?

  4. You can use it if u have ulcer. I use to have ulcer. Couldn’t eat and I bought ulcer kit. Took the ulcer kit for just one day on the third day I bought this ghana seed n the lady told me if I have ulcer I should Grind 3 n add it to a tin of liquid milk, turn it n drink. I did it for two days. Like I took it today, didn’t do it the next day then did it the day after. Right now I eat everything. The ulcer is gone! So yes ooo it does cure ulcer. This is my personal experience. No more ulcer kit 4 me.

  5. based in aba
    50 pieces 1000
    please note pregnant women, ulcer patients, lactating mothers are not allowed to use this seed.

  6. If a breastfeeding mom has already taken it,
    before knowing she shouldn’t, shouldd she stop breastfeeding the baby, or how can she resume breastfeeding the baby

  7. I took just 1 today and in less than 5mins I was feeling very sick,burning sensation in my throat, nausea,I started throwing up and developed a runny tummy until I felt weak….I am feeling very cold…still running to the toilet even now

  8. I started taking these seeds last week. 2 days I got crazy stomach upset but this week I have been taking them without any stomach upset. I don’t know if it’s working for me or not coz today I even took 2 seeds but nothing is happening to me

  9. Please I took the seed for the first time today and I’ve been seriously purging ever then. Also how much seed I’m I to take a week. And how long before I start seeing results. Cause I felt so weak almost immediately I chewed it, and started stooling seriously.

  10. Plz i need this Ghana or miracle seed for loss of weight but don’t no were to get it plz. .how can i get it .. i base at imo state in mbano precisely.. here is my contact 09134996895

  11. How many seed can I take in a day for stomach cos i dnt hav powder one…or should i ground it n turn to poweder n if so he do i use d powder

  12. The first days i started taking ghana seeds i had diarreah ..ten it stopped. now its like nothing is happening when i take them. is this normal

  13. I just started taking the miracle seed still no effect I even took two with fried grandnut still no bloating or stooling honestly I am confused cause this is the same Ghana seed everyone is talking about but didn’t work for me

  14. Writing from Cameroon. How can I take it just to burn belly fat and how often will I be taking the seed. Please need help

  15. Can l take Ghana seed while on medication?
    If so, what will be time or hour interval?
    Can they work together or cause me terrible adverse effects?

  16. Hello i crush the seed then mix it with half cup of juice, in that way you won’t feel it’s burning sensation n also I prefer taking it when I go to sleep , that burning sensation n diarrhea in my stomach stoped after few days of taking it.

  17. I took it yesterday, immediately after swallowing it my mouth upto the stomach was aching. Experienced some stomach pain and serious diarrhoea. By end of day had become so weak and hydrated that my husband took me to the doctor and got some drip. today I did not go for work still very weak and running tummy here and there. I cant eat anything coz am afraid i will have more diarrhoea. I have burned all the remaining seeds. I would prefer jogging and dieting to loose belly fat.


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