5 reasons to take supplements….Benefits of taking supplements….


A few days ago I had a conversation with a great colleague of mine on this issue. She said she will be having an online interview on who needs to take supplement. I gave my “window’s mite” insight on it and later went to our professional group to see that the conversation was also on there.

5 reasons to take supplements
The reasons to take supplements explained by a dietician…

I decided to share this with you because i’ve observe that many people especially ladies now take supplement same way young boys are abusing codeine. It’s now an addiction to take supplement because they heard it’s great from one marketer, a random person out there or someone that they trust.

I think many of them are not aware that some of these supplements can actually be taken in excess and they have some health implications too.

In this post, I will share with you some of the people that are allowed to take supplement and why they may need to take them too.

But first, let me say that supplements are not some kind of fruits that you just prescribe for yourself anytime you want. Stop swallowing supplements for fun. They are not bad itself but when abused just like codeine might lead to another problem too.

These are the people that are allowed to take supplements:

The elderly: elderly people usually have a decreased activity in the body and this includes digestion and absorption. They usually might not have all the nutrients consumed available for the body to use.

Pregnant Women: supplements might be required for a pregnant mother to boost her low nutrient stores which might be essential for proper growth and development of the baby. Failure to give the pregnant mother supplement might lead to an irreversable condition for the baby.

Vegans: there are some vital nutrients that have more of animal sources, these nutrients will likely elude vegans. Iron is one of them. So, if there is a deficiency that happens as a result of that then the doctor or the Dietitian can tell you how to go about it using a supplement.

Those With Absorption problems: the next are those that have issue with proper absorption. They may absorb less than what the body needs. Therefore, there is need to use supplement to augment.

Those With Acute or Chronic Nutrient Stores Depreciation: finally, people who may be suffering from one acute or chronic condition that leads to depreciation of a particular nutrient store.

PS: If you fall under any of these category then you might just be eligible to take supplements but it has to be for a particular period of time not a lifetime. But if don’t fall under these category, you already know what you are doing and you might be exposed to having excess of that nutrient.

Most of the micronurients have their supplement. But for the elderly, they may need to take the following vitamins and minerals to help absorption, Vitamin B1, B2, B3 and Vitamin C and D to help the absorption of iron and calcium respectively. But make sure it’s not self prescribed ok.

Now, for you taking supplements, why did you start taking it and how long have you been on it? Share this to your yard people now to help them ok.😁😁😁

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