6 foods that make you taste sweeter…Foods to eat to make you taste good down there.

​Ladies, you probably already know that what you put in your body reflects in your health and your vagina is no exception to it, so eat your way to a happy healthy yoni 🍍

Here are 6 foods that make you taste sweeter down there.

1. ​⚡ Yogurt – keeps the bacteria “good” promoting a balanced pH, prevents candida overgrowth and prevents bad odors. Please ensure you take fermented yoghurt that contains live and active bacteria cultures….it makes you taste different and sweet in your “area”….Eat yoghurt and taste like yoghurt down there.

2. ​⚡ Pineapples – we all know what they say about pineapples, right?! Pineapples not only contain an abundance amounts of minerals and vitamins that are essential for pregnancy. Pineapples are also said to make the yoni taste and smell sweeter 🤗

3. ​⚡Cranberries – are packed with antioxidants and powerful infection fighters making them powerful in preventing UTIs. Plus, they are acidic in nature and help maintain the pH of your vagina.

Pure cranberry juice is well known for its beneficial effect on the bladder. It both prevents and relives the symptoms of urinary tract infections (UTI). Cranberries acidify the urine and balance the pH of the vaginal area. They contain acidic compounds that don’t get broken down when they travel though the digestive system, so they can fight the bacteria that cause urinary infections.

Most store-bought cranberry juices unfortunately contain way too much sugar to serve its healing purpose. Your best bet is to either look for pure, unsweetened cranberry juice or eat fresh cranberries. Unsweetened cranberries do taste tart and many people find them unpalatable. Try mixing them in your yoghurt which will not disturb your vaginal pH.

6 foods that make you taste sweeter
Pineapple, one of the goods that makes you taste good. Image Credit: Facebook

​4. ⚡Apples – the phytoestrogen phloridzin and antioxidants in apples stimulate the blood flow in your vagina that maintains good health AND increases sensitivity and arousal. 🍎

5. *FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES: Fresh fruits and vegetables are a part of a balanced diet that also supports your vaginal health. Certain vitamins and minerals found in fresh veggies and fruits are particularly good.

6. Fenugreek: do you know that fenugreek will make you sweet and taste like maple syrup? Eating fenugreek seeds is a sure way to taste sweeter and smell better as a woman while at the same time keeps you well oiled and lubricated. Some persons however, do not like the taste and smell of fenugreek.

Other foods or fruits that is will make you taste sweet and good down there are oranges, watermelon, sugarcane, kunu drink, tiger nut drink, coconut water, milk etc.

What’s your favorite food for a healthy yoni? 👇
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