What does green pepper do to the virginia? What does green pepper do to a woman sexually? What does raw green pepper do to a woman sexually?

I have found out that ladies find green pepper beneficial to them sexually.

We learn everyday. Here are some statements I culled from women who derived sexual benefits from green pepper.

I once drank Cinnamon and milk, Stoney and Halls plus green pepper, and ate pineapple and plain yogurt 🙈 that man still wants me even today and I did a Hit &run

_ Ashu Mel T Eating (Fatso)

What does green pepper do to the virginia?
What does green pepper do to the virginia?

Ladies what are you waiting? do you know that eating lots of green pepper will make your man want to dance with you more in the other room? I use green pepper for tightening and sweetener…if you know you know.


I notice whenever I eat green pepper, my yeast infection symptoms like itching , discharge and odour stops….I use a lot of green pepper to cook and even eat them raw to prevent recurrent yeast infection. I encourage other women to also try it.


A lot have been said about the benefits of green pepper to women…For me , I noticed it promote my arousal and boosts my libido…green pepper is like kayan mata to me….it puts me in the “oza room” mood.


A combo drink of cinnamon, black halls, stoney and green pepper helps in Virginia tightening and enhances lubrications. I am talking from experience. I take this combo a lot ….try it please ….

_Surulere Aminat

I read somewhere that eating green pepper stabilizes the vagina pH and promotes vagina health. You taste and smell different when you eat green pepper. Green pepper removes vaginal odour and may be the remedy for bacteria vaginosis and yeast infection (candidiasis).

_Diana, Sexual and Reproductive Health Expert.

I once had this problem with vagina dryness and pain during during intercourse….I met this friend who mixed green pepper with cinnamon plus milk….whenever I drink this , I noticed better lubrication and the pain stopped. As a woman, I stan green pepper anyday , anytime.

_Okpetu Gloria

Green pepper is a choice vegetable for every lady that understands it’s importance in the other room. It is a natural lubricant and cures yeast infection.

_alero akpesiri

Apart of sexual benefits to women, here is a summary of the numerous health benefits and medicinal properties of green pepper.

_Olamide Victoria

Eating green pepper raw helps to relieve my menstrual cramps and cures my bacteria vaginosis


I know it maintains the Virginia pH and removes bad odour.

Health Benefits of Green Pepper

1. A Powerful Antioxidant
2. Strengthen Immune System
3. Good for Heart
4. Good for Skin
5. Improves Eyesight
6. Delay Ageing
7. Reduces Inflammation
8. Beneficial to Hair
9. Helps Lose Weight
10. Accelerates Metabolism
11. Helps Fight Cancer
12. Good for Teeth and Bones
13. Useful for Pregnant Women
14. Beneficial to Asthma Patients
15. Helps Fight Infection

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