How to regain virginity naturally without surgery. Natural ways to tighten the vigina or virgina.

The desire of many ladies to feel tight and fresh down there is now a cherished topic. Ladies do all sorts of things to remain like virgins even if they are sexually active. The truth is , though long lasting tightening is truly a surgical procedure, ladies want to feel tight naturally with any form of surgery that will warrant going under the surgeons knife…

Here are some home remedies i have found out ladies use to regain their virginity and to stay right down there.

How to regain virginity naturally without surgery.

👉Use of bagaruwa and cloves.

Boil bagaruwa+clove and use as Vagina wash. Bagaruwa and cloves are well known FERTILTY heps used for virgina tightening. Many ladies who use this many claims it works for them. A lady said she steams with bagaruwa and cloves for tightening.

👉Bagaruwa powder

You will get a good soft bagaruwa powder and mix it with honey, it will be sticky. So you will use it and insert its a very good herbal tightener or you can mix the powder with a Vaseline. Maximum 4-5 days you will see changes as it enhances vigina tightening.

How to regain virginity naturally without surgery
How to regain virginity naturally without surgery

👉. Cloves

You will get your cloves,get a small bottle put them inside and add water, leave it for like 3days. You will notice the water changes to Brown, use the water to be washing your vigina. Besides tightening it’s very good in treating vaginal odour, its gives a pleasant scent.

👉Traditional henna (lalle)

Honey: These tightening combo its very common in the north, the lalle has a secretive feature of tightening the virgina. You will mix it with honey and insert,leave it for like 2hrs. But inserting in the night is better, if you wakeup in the morning, you will use warm water and wash the vagina.


Don’t do sitz bath with alum, it is not advisable, if you do sitz bathe with it, it tightens very well but mind you it drys up the vigina and its not advisable.

But the safer way you can use it is by putting the alum in a bottle, add water and use it to wash, but its even more better you dilute it…… You can use it once daily.

👉Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is one of the herbs used as home remedy by women, girls and ladies for virgina tightening and to regain virginity. Though not proven. Women who use aloe vera for tightening insert it overnight for one week and they claim it gives them the desired result.

👉Lemon and lime

Because lemon and lime washes snail clean by removing all the slimy materials and making it fresh and strong,a good number of ladies have device means of using lemon or lime to wash the vigina so at to make it tight and clean ….it works but it is temporary.

CAVEAT; The methods listed here for natural vigina tightening are not science backed and could be harmful to you and the virgina…be warned . Thank you.

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