Can you get pregnant if you sleep with a boy in the same bed but with your clothes on?

It depends ….you can have unprotected sex with your clothes on while laying in the same bed with a boy and you will get pregnant if you are in your fertile period ….Same way, if sex didn’t happen and you sleep with a boy in the same bed, you will not get pregnant….The most important thing here is sex. Did it happen or not? If it happens, even with your clothes tightly on, you will taken in, if it does not happen, you are safe.. Anything that makes semen find its way inside your vagina make you stand a chance of getting pregnant… Even if it is with the finger or precum.

Sometimes ,some persons have ejaculatory sex by rubbing their genitals through their clothes, this can still make you pregnant if the sperm soak through your undies into you vigina ….

So, you can get pregnant with your clothes on….wearing clothes during sex does not prevent pregnancy or neither does it confer protection against sexually transmitted diseases. This is a statement of fact.

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