Can a girl get pregnant if you hit it from the back?

Hitting it from the back may mean different things sexually…you may hit it from the back through the vagina or you may hit it from the back through the anus….for the vagina, if it is unprotected and you are in your unsafe period , and it was ejaculatory, the likelihood of you getting pregnant is very high….Having anal sex cannot cause pregnancy….except some semen spills into the vigina…. if this happens, you may get pregnant.

Some little details about hitting from the back you should know.

Some ladies prefer anal sex so they don’t damage or wear off their hymen so that when they get married, during the honeymoon their husbands will see blood during their sexual intercourse and know that they are virgins. Unfortunately, having anal sex does not make one a virgin even if she has never had penovaginal sex before.

The anus unlike the vagina cannot stretch that much so durung anal sex it’s likely to tear especially in the absence of the right lubricant. The anus does not naturally produce lubricant as the vagina. In this case artificial lubricants are used to prevent friction.

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