Can guava leaves cause abortion? Can guava leaves cause miscarriage?

I recently found out that a lot of ladies and young girls actually use guava leaves to abort unwanted pregnancies…and testimonies are abound that it works for them…

Here is what I found on facebook that prompted me to write about this topic …

A lady wrote on facebook:

“I discovered I was about 8 weeks pregnant…I didn’t want to keep the pregnancy so i decided to boil some guava leaves and drink a cup morning and evening ….by the third day, I noticed a gush of thick blood from my private and my pregnancy was gone…Before then, I tried using the normal abortion pills and it didn’t work….Guava Leaves tea was what I used to terminate my pregnancy.”

Can guava leaves cause abortion?
Can guava leaves cause abortion?

I was shocked to see this….I never knew some ladies have discovered guava leaves as the latest abortion pills….I don’t really know how it works but I am very much interested in finding out how. I also learnt that some ladies mix boiled guava leaves water with lime and drink all at once for termination of pregnancy…a lady told me doing this help the womb to contract so as to remove the pregnancy.

I decided to talk to a lady in the know about this and she confirmed it; in her words:

“Doctor forget that thing….we don’t use cytotec anymore for abortion….we now use guava leaves, raw eggs, aloe vera, unripe pawpaw, coke , brown sugar, lemon, ginger , onion, and potash to remove pregnancy. It is cheaper and reliable…..I used boiled guava leaves to abort my 10weeks pregnancy about 3 months ago…and everything came out once without stress…I had minimal bleeding. Since then, I normally advice friends in my cycle to boil fresh guava leaves and drink plenty of it whenever they suspect they are pregnant…We also use guava leaves to flush out sperm after sex so as to avoid pregnancy. So I must say guava leaves if properly used works for abortion, I guess that is what our foremothers were using to terminate pregnancy.” She said.

Medical expert disagree:

“When asked whether guava leaves can be used for abortion, Dr Uwagbe, a gynaecologist at the university of Benin Teaching Hospital (UBTH), strongly disagree.

In his words…

“A lot of ladies do and drink crazy things to abort pregnancy…this wont have been so if Nigeria’s (Africa) abortion laws were not restrictive and prohibitive. Since the law forbids abortion, many ladies have resorted to all forms of unsafe abortion prcatices in order to terminate unintended pregnancy. I have heard several times that ladies use herbs like guava leaves, unripe pawpaw, aloe vera , small stout, moringa, and other herbal products to remove pregnancy …I doubt if they actually works….I feel this kind of abortion is unsafe and no wonder, thousands of women die annually from unsafe abortion in Nigeria and millions in Africa….it is because of bad practices like this. As a medical doctor with specialty in Gynaecology and Obstetrics, I will not recommend abortion with guava leaves.It is too risky and doesn’t work. Thank you.”

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