List of lactose free milk in Nigeria + Lactose free powdered milk in Nigeria

Before give you this list, I think it will be nice for you to go through this passage and maybe, just maybe you will see that as an adult, you cannot digest milk/diary and lactose free milk is a charade.

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Lactose intolerance and lactose free products – thoughts from real life

I’m currently doing an online shop in a well-known UK supermarket. In the ‘Dairy Free and Dairy Alternatives’ section, I can’t avoid noticing that they continue to present ‘lactose free’ milk, spread, yogurt and cheese. I won’t speculate why they do this but I have my suspicions.

First and foremost – these products are neither ‘dairy free’ nor are they ‘dairy alternatives’. They are ALL DAIRY. A check of the labels confirms they are ALL made out of ‘milk’; breastmilk which has been processed to make it more digestible for adults convinced by the popular hype that they have an illness, a condition known as ‘lactose intolerance’.

List of lactose free milk in Nigeria
Lactose “free” milk

As someone who was not always vegan, I am astonished every time I’m reminded how thoroughly the majority of us have been taken in and fooled by the flesh, egg and dairy industries in their relentless and unscrupulous quest for profit. Lactose intolerance in adults is not an illness at all.

Consider this.

The breastmilk of their own mother is the very best nutrition for any mammalian new born. As a species-specific hormonal secretion, it provides all the nutrients that their body needs in their earliest weeks and months while conferring protection from infection and illness. Once a mammal stops needing the breastmilk of their mother, if nature is left to take its course, two things happen.

The young mammal gradually becomes ‘weaned’, which means they stop consuming baby food and start eating the foods that will sustain them as they grow to adulthood. And in the vast majority of cases, their bodies cease to produce the enzyme required to break down breastmilk, simply because, having grown past the need for it, it is no longer required.

Nature is a wonderful thing and this is completely normal. Only a small proportion of humans have retained the ability to digest lactose throughout their lifetime and that is presumably an adaptation to a culture that included dairy foods. It is most noticeable in people of northern European ancestry.

However, after weaning from their own mothers, humans have been conditioned by a ruthless industry to think it ‘normal’ to switch species, to indulge in the bizarre and brutal practice of breastfeeding from nonhuman mothers of various species (cows, goats, sheep, buffalos, camels and others) after forcibly taking their new-borns from them.

There is nothing benign about ‘dairy’; it is an affront to all that is decent. Every single time we put dairy substances in our shopping trolley, we are signing the death warrant of a new born and condemning their mother to any mother’s worst nightmare.

The reason for lactose intolerance isn’t because we’re ILL. It’s because we’re ADULTS and should have been weaned long ago.



Do you see why lactose free milk is more or less a a mirage in adulthood? For the sake of babies that can still digest milk and are not lactose intolerant, I will mention some reported lactose-free milk in Nigeria 👇

Here are a List of lactose free milk in Nigeria

1. Valio lactose free whole milk

2. Apetamil lactose free milk for babies

3. Hollandia lactose free milk

4. SMA gold

5. Liddells lactose free milk

Please note that popular milk in Nigeria like peak milk, three crowns milk, Dano milk, cowbell milk etc are NOT lactose free milk.

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