Three Crowns Milk: Nutritional Value, nutritional information, Ingredients, Calories, Benefits…

Good morning… In this page, I want to tell you all you need to know about the popular #three #crowns #milk under the following headers.

Which company produces Three Crown milk?

The company that produces Three Crown is FrieslandCampina WAMCO. They are the same producers of peak milk and Friso.

Three crown milk benefits….Three crown milk nutritional value.

#Three #Crown #Milk gives energy, protein, carbohydrate, sugars, fat, Vitamin A, D3, E, K1. Three Crowns Milk is low in cholesterol and filled with essential vitamins and minerals such as calcium, Iron, Zinc, vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin D, Vitamin E and Vitamin K to enrich your body with the right nutrients to live a healthy life. The iron in three crowns helps in the production of red blood cells.

Three Crowns Milk: Nutritional Value, nutritional information, Ingredients, Calories, Benefits
Three crowns milk
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Is Three Crown milk good for weight loss?

Yes.. #Three #crowns #milk is good for weight loss because it is low is fat and calories. Three crown milk is included in most weight loss diet plan.

Three crown milk calories

Three Crowns Milk has about 124 calories while #Three #Crowns Creamer has about 216 calories.

Three crown Milk Ingredients

#Three #Crowns #Evaporated Tin and powdered Milk contains:

💠Skimmed milk,

💠vegetable oil,


💠7.6% vegetable fat,

💠0.4% min milk fat,

💠20% min milk solids non-fat, 8% fat






💠Vitamin A, D3, E, and K1.

Is Three crown milk good for diabetes?

Yes… Compared to peak milk, three crowns is healthier and comes highly recommended for diabetics…. This is because of its low fat and low cholesterol…. Medical doctors and diabetologists recommend 3 crowns milk for diabetes patients.

Does Three crown milk contain sugar?

Of course yes. Three crowns contains sugar, if not why is it sweet? The sugar content of three crowns is however low when compared to other milk brands such as peak milk, loya milk, Dano milk etc.

Three crown milk and cholesterol

#Three #crowns #milk is very low in cholesterol and fats…that is why many dietitians and health care professionals recommended it for diabetics and other patients.

Is Three crown milk good for baby?

Yes… Three crowns contains all the necessary vitamin, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates and calories that makes it suitable for a baby… Mothers add three crowns powdered OR evaporated tin milk to the pap or custard of their infant baby.

How much is Three Crown Milk? Three Crown milk price in Nigeria.

A satchet powdered milk of three crowns cost #70 Naira while three crowns liquid tin milk sells for #300 Naira.

Is Three Crown milk good for weight gain?

Three crown milk is low in fat and calories so. it cannot actually cause you to gain weight or become very fat. It can make you fresh and well fed though.

Is Three Crown milk good for pregnant woman?

Yes… Three crown milk is rich in vitamins and minerals needed for the healthy development of your pregnancy…Pregnant women can go ahead to drink 3 crowns milk or ads it to pap or custard.

Is Three Crown milk lactose free?

No… Three crowns milk is not lactose free and therefore lactose intolerant individuals should not take three crowns. I am going to write a comprehensive list of lactose free milk in Nigeria and another article. Stay toned.

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