Side Effects and Health benefits of Nutribom. Is Nutribom good for babies?

Nutribom Infant or baby Cereal is an excellent everyday food source ideal for a healthy balanced diet for babies from 6 months of age. Nutribom contains important minerals and vitamins such as iron; vitamins A, C & D and zinc.

Types of Nutribom

This is based on the ingredients and flavour used to make the nutribom

1. Apple and banana flavor

2. Oats flavour

3. Maize flavour

4. Multi-grain flavour

5. Rice flavour

Where is nutribom made? Nutribom manufacturers:

BFB COMPANY LTD, a diary company in Netherlands.


1. Optimal Nutrition

Nutribom contains the right nutrients in the right amounts for baby. The nutrient composition even changes to meet our baby’s needs.

2. Strong immune system

Nutribom contains contains vitamin A, B,C and D which help strengthen a baby’s immune system and boost the production of antibodies, substances that weaken and destroy bacteria.

4. Helps brain development

Nutribom is rich in brain development boosting vitamins and minerals like vitamin C, A, E and calcium.

Side Effects and Health benefits of Nutribom.
Nutribom baby cereal

5. Protects against heart disease

Studies suggest a protective effect of nutribom on certain cardiovascular risk factors, such as atherosclerosis, blood pressure and cholesterol profile along with other cardiovascular risk factors.

6. Growth and Development of your baby

Nutribom nurtures your baby to grow healthy and develop well. Add Nutribom to your baby meal during weaning.

7. Nutribom Boost Red blood Cell production and treats anemia in babies

One of the ingredients in Nutribom is iron. Iron stimulates the bone marrow to produce red blood cells and increase blood level in your babies body… With this, Nutribom can treat anemia in babies.

Side effects of nutribom

1. Increased risk for allergies

During the first few days of breastfeeding, breastmilk contains colostrum which helps protect the infant’s gut from potential allergies and foreign bodies that contribute to allergies. Also exclusive breastfeeding for the first 6 months reduces exposure to food allergies. If allergies are present in the family’s history most probably your baby will have it too. Baby foods like nutribom, cerelac and NAN increases risk of allergies in babies.

2. Higher risk of obesity

The risk of becoming overweight in children may be reduced by 4% for every month if an infant is breastfed up to 9 months and may continue to benefit till their adult years. Now, just like other refined baby cereals, nutribom fed babies are more likely going to become fat and obese…. Some mothers use this side effect of nutribom to help their baby become fat.

3. Higher risk of diabetes

In comparison to formula fed babies (please don’t be offended or take this wrongly, it is based studies), breastfed infants tends to have a lower risk of developing both type 1 and 2 diabetes later in life, especially those infants ar higher risk of developing the diseases. Just like any other baby foods, nutribom increases a baby’s risk of diabetes.

NB: The side effects and benefits of Nutribom listed here are not peculiar to it alone… Other baby formula like cerelac, NAN, nutrend, etc also falls into this category.

Other things to know about NUTRIBOM baby food you should know

Can 4 months baby take Nutribom?

Nutribom is better given to babies that are 6 months and above…. It should not take the place of breast milk… A 4 months baby should get breast milk and not Nutribom.

Does Nutribom make baby fat?

Yes…Mothers actually feed their skinny baby Nutribom to make them fat and add weight.

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