Many large cities, towns, and villages around the globe face the challenge of unwanted pregnancy and this makes ladies and women resort into unhealthy practices and methods of preventing unwanted pregnancy. It can be very shocking getting to know about some of these methods many of our female population at their reproductive age resort into.

Nevertheless, the good news is, there are better ways of preventing unwanted pregnancies
Some of those unhealthy practices of preventing pregnancy includes👇

1. Alomo Bitters❌: It can be surprising that a lot of women make use of some locally prepared concoctions without scientific evidence confirming the usage of such and this in turn causes harmful effects to the women believing that it prevents pregnancy.


2. Alabukun❌: This is very common among girls. It is believed that some powder of alabukun added to some amount of water when taken prevents them from getting pregnant after sexual intercourse. This can cause abdominal discomfort and other health challenges.

3. Salt and Water❌: This method involves mixing a large quantity of salt and adding few glasses of water to it. This, when swallowed, is also believed to prevent fertilization of any sort from taking place. The truth is, this method doesn’t prevent fertilization from taking place. Doing so only exposes the women to health challenges.

4. Potash and Lime❌: Potash which some of us know as “Kan un” dissolved in lime also prevents unwanted pregnancies when ingested as some ladies and women believe. This too doesn’t prevent any pregnancy after sexual intercourse.

5. Alum❌: This is one of the chemical substances believed to prevent unwanted pregnancy after unprotected sexual intercourse. It is anchored on the notion that alum helps coagulate sperm from getting into the uterus which prevents pregnancy. And some believe that alum is a vaginal suppository and as such is suitable for preventing unwanted pregnancies. Not only that, it’s also held that it helps tightens the vaginal. The implication of this is that, it causes irritation and imbalance in the normal vaginal Flora.

6. Vaginal douching❌: This practice involves washing sperm away from the vagina using soap and water. This does not work

7. Alcohol❌: Hard drinks such as schnapps and regal dry gins are seen as vaginal wash and this as an implication can cause vagina dryness and painful sexual intercourse. The idea that alcohol could prevent pregnancy is harmful and not proven.

8. Lemon Slices❌: Women often put lemon slices or its juice into the vaginal after sex. The effects of this include irritation, dysbacterosis, and other avoidable reproductive problems.

9. Tumeric❌: A lot of women make use of herbs to prevent unwanted pregnancies or induce abortion. Older adults usually add turmeric in water as a contraceptive, but this is not appropriate and can be very dangerous to their health.

10. Milk and Iodine❌: Women are fond of drinking milk and iodine after sex to prevent pregnancy. Iodine solution is toxic and can lead to inflammation, oesophageal burns, stomach discomfort, and hormonal imbalances. There’s no amount of such solutions that can prevent pregnancy.

11. Disinfectants❌: People also use disinfectant to kill sperm by using this chemicals as a douch or applying them to the external genitalia. This can cause chemical burns, skin irritation, and if introduced into the uterus, can cause sepsis and death.

12. Coca cola + Aspirin❌: This is another dangerous way of preventing pregnancy. Aspirin has no reproductive elements that can prevent fertilization of the egg after unprotected sex so also Coca cola.

13. HONEY: licking OR drinking honey after unprotected sex will not stop you from getting pregnant…. Pouring honey inside your body to kill sperm will not also work.

Other methods include: the use of ampiclox B-sham, vinegar, twisted hanger, hot water, freezer pop sponges, uterine massage e.t.c.
Some of these practices expose the women to a lot of reproductive challenges such as sepsis, haemorrhage, shock, infection, infertility, and lastly death.

However, there are better ways of preventing unwanted pregnancies which include: oral contraceptives✔️, emergency oral contraceptive (postpill)✔️the use of condoms✔️, IUDs✔️ and other barrier methods.

Culled from Dr Bob Collins Facebook page


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