Difference between Postinor 1 and Postinor 2

Postinor 2®, also known as the “morning after” pill, is an emergency contraceptive which is meant to be taken on EMERGENCY BASIS to prevent pregnancy. It contains an active ingredient known as Levonorgestrel, a second-generation progestogen (drugs that act like the natural progesterone – the main ovulation and pregnancy hormone).

Difference between Postinor 1 and Postinor 2
Difference between Postinor 1 and Postinor 2

From the name Postinor 2, it means that it contains 2 TABLETS of Levonorgestrel, each tablet has a strength of 0.75mg. This is in sharp contrast to Postinor I [see attached pictures] which has just one tablet of Levonorgestrel (1.5mg). Remember that 0.75 x 2 = 1.5. Thus Postinor 2 is like Postinor 1 split into two.

Because it’s an emergency contraceptive, it’s only meant to be taken like that, but unfortunately, Nigerian babes take it like say na pure water, taking it each and every time they have sex.

Since the pack has two tablets, girls always make the mistake of taking both tablets at the same time, and sometimes taking them four or more days after the sex.

However, Postinor 2 is to be taken within 3 DAYS of having the unprotected sex; and the tablets are to be taken 12 HOURS APART. The two tablets MUST NEVER be taken AT THE SAME TIME.
This is different for Postinor 1, which has just one tablet and is taken at once, immediately, without any need to take another one 12 hours later.

This means that if you take the first tablet of Postinor 2 by 8AM, the next tablet should be taken by 8PM of the same day. Efficacy of the drug is best when it’s taken within 24 HOURS of having the unprotected sex. Beyond 3 days of having the sex, Postinor 2 is almost no longer effective.

In addition, postinor must be taken ONLY ONCE within a menstrual cycle. This means that, from the time you see your period to the time it comes again, THOU SHALL NOT TAKE MORE THAN ONE PACK OF POSTINOR 2. If you do, you increase the side effect profile.

Call it the 11TH COMMANDMENT. 😂

Postinor is believed to work by inhibiting ovulation as well as increasing the thickness of the carpet of the womb (endometrium) making it VERY, VERY DIFFICULT for the sperm cells to swim up and fertilize “Madam Egg.”😂

On a lighter note, right from the beginning, men don dey suffer shaa! Even to do ordinary fertilization, sperm go still suffer 😔

Some of the known side effects of Postinor 2 and postinor 1 are: spotting (bleeding), head ache, breast pain, nausea, vomiting, etc. In some women, their next period can come earlier or later than expected.

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