Complementary foods for babies in Nigeria…how to introduce solids foods to a baby in Nigeria.. Complementary feeding recipes in Nigeria.


Around the age of 6 months, an infant’s need for energy and nutrients (especially iron) starts to exceed what is provided by breast milk, and complementary foods are necessary to meet those needs. An infant of this age is also developmentally ready for other foods (they start reaching out at the foods you eat). This transition is referred to as 💥”COMPLIMENTARY FEEDING”
At ages of 4,5,6 months your child is growing fast, looking cute.

*👉Continue to breastfeed/ formula feed at 4 months and start introducing solid foods at 6 months. The baby could take about 150-180ml of formula every 3-4 hours.

*👉 When you start complimentary feeding at 6 months, introduce one food at a time so you know what the child likes or what he/she is allergic to. You can start by adding cereal like oat, rice cereal etc. Do not only give rice cereal. Other food you can try include pureed soft meat and pureed fruits and vegetables.

Complementary foods for babies in Nigeria
Complementary foods for babies in Nigeria

* 👉Each time you try a new food, wait about 2-3 days before trying another one. If baby develops eczema or rash with any food, note it down and speak to your doctor.

* 👉Do not give hard food like carrot, round fruits like those small small grape because they could choke. Don’t give honey ooooo. Continue the formula milk, do not switch to peak 1,2,3 or normal milk. You start all those milk at 1 year of life.

* 👉sleep- Remember all we talked about safe sleep? Ehen, continue safe sleep practices

*👉 Continue tummy time

* 👉Safety- Car seat, avoid hot water, keep medicine away from them, keep nylon bag away, protect from the sun, do not throw baby up and down

* 👉Immunization- get the 4 and 6 months immunization as scheduled.

* 👉Bathing- as we talk am before you nor need to bathe baby everyday, 3-4 times a week is fine. I know say many of us go argue this one. Anyway no harm if you bath am everyday because our area dirty sometimes.

*👉 Teeth- some children go start to teeth now- abeg no use teething medicine for that baby❌. you fit rub your baby gum with one of your fingers (wash am o). At 6 months you are expected to establish dental care for your baby. Clean baby’s mouth with clean cloth after feeding…………….

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