Is detoxing and cleansing your body actually good for you?


👉YES ! you heard me right my sister !!!
It is quite unfortunate that Nigeria is a junkyard of beliefs – right – wrong – and unwarranted. There is a popular unexplained belief in the importance of detoxification supplements or diets.

When patients come to the Diagnostic room in the hospital and speak in sterling terms about the detoxification supplements and tea that they buy and use, Doctors wonder if these patients will ever die. After all, there is a wonder pill that removes all the dangerous elements from their bodies. That they have bought themselves immortality is an impression they create. The manner with which some patients describe the “omnipotence” (“gbogbonise” in Yoruba tongue) of the detoxification supplements, clinicians may appear like novices because they are made to learn about a wonder drug that helps so much which they have refused to prescribe to patients.

I was scanning a patient one day in the diagnostic Ultrasound room of my hospital and noticed that the liver of that patient was enlarged (Hepatomegaly) due to Drug- induced Hepatitis, I started clerking the patient as she said she was on detox supplements,
Hear the truth. There is no detoxification supplement anywhere. Two special organs – Liver – and Kidneys – are in our bodies which rid us of harmful substances that may be found in waste products of some foods or medications. Therefore, an individual with a healthy liver and kidneys, regularly undergoes daily detoxification naturally.

The body’s detoxification ability is cheap, harmless, predictable, and reliable until when bad lifestyle habits, poorly treated infections (acute or chronic), and unavoidably aging, set in.

Therefore, the body doesn’t need any diet or supplement to aid its effort to remove harmful substances from the body. Even if the liver and kidneys are damaged, their function of removing harmful substances from the body cannot be replaced by a supplement.

👉When someone offers to sell to you a “detoxification” supplement, tell him or her that your liver and kidney are already doing same work.

© Bob Collins


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