Blood Tonic Uses, Benefits and Side Effects. What is blood tonic used for?

As the name implies, blood tonic is a medication used to help the body build its red blood cells. There are many functions of the red blood cells in the body. One of the important functions is the transport of oxygen to all the tissues for them to function properly. This explains why people experience fatigue when red blood cells are low.

Clinically, the red blood cells are said to be low when the fraction in the blood is below 30%. This is what we refer to as anemia. Most persons have red blood cells in the range of 40-55%.

Blood Tonic Uses, Benefits and Side Effects
Taking blood tonics

The main elements that must be available in food items for the body to form red blood cells include iron, folic acid, and vitamin B complex. Vitamin C is essential too so that iron can be absorbed easily. Therefore, a balanced diet supplies the elements needed for the body to make red cells. For those who need them as supplements, the blood forming elements can be prepared into a blood tonic that can be easily absorbed for the body’s use. The elements are also available in individual tablets or blended into one tablet.


💥 Mildly or moderately low red blood cell count✔️: This must be confirmed by a simple blood test. The red blood cells should not be assumed to be low because the individual is sick or weak. If the red blood cell fraction (also called packed cell volume, PCV) isbelow 30% (in the range 24-29%), the doctor evaluates the individual for the possible cause(s) of the reduction. If no significant disease is found, it is almost certain that the low red blood cell level is a result of a low intake of food rich in the blood formingforming elements mentioned above.

Among those with a good appetite, they are
encouraged to increase intake of foods that will supply the elements. In growing children (who need the elements for growth) or elderly people (who may not eat enough), blood tonic may be recommended to supplement that which food provides to increase the red blood cell count.

When the red blood cell level falls below 22-24%, blood transfusion is considered because the blood tonic or tablets are often not enough to help the body to produce the red blood cells sufficiently and immediately.

💥. Pregnant women✔️: Through the placenta and
umbilical cord, the unborn baby takes the iron, folic acid, and vitamin B complex from the mother’s blood. The baby uses the elements to build its red blood cells and to grow appropriately. Therefore, the pregnant woman needs to replace the elements by eating more and taking the tablets or tonic.

💥.After blood transfusion✔️: Blood transfusion has its risks. To minimize the risks, blood is transfused to raise the red blood cell count to 30% or slightly above. Further red blood cell production by the body is encouraged by prescribing blood tonic or the tablets.

💥 Malarial or active bacterial infections❌. Iron tablet helps the growth of malarial parasite likewise some bacteria. The infection may not be well eradicated if iron (in blood tonic or tablet) is taken alongside with antibiotics or antimalarial medication.

-💥Sickle cell anemia patients have their red blood cells being destroyed often. The iron released from this breakdown is stored in their bodies to form another red blood cell. They, therefore, do not often need an extra supplement of iron❌.

Folic acid and vitamin B complex tablets are given to help them build their red blood cells
since they have enough iron store in the body.

💥Recovery from an infection without laboratory evidence that the red blood cells are low❌. It is wrong to assume that antibiotics or antimalarial medications destroy red blood cells. They don’t. If one feels the red
blood cells are low, a doctor should be consulted first who will carry out the necessary evaluation.

💥💥Take home message is that the misuse of blood tonic is unhealthy and abuse of blood tonics has some untoward side effects!!

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  1. Great advice Doc, but isn’t it advisable to take blood tonic medication as way boasting RBC maybe once a year even when you are in good health?

  2. Thanks for this doctor. Is it advisable for someone who doesn’t always have an appetite to take blood tonic to boost appetite?


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