How to use okra water for twins conception. Does okra water help to conceive twins?

It is the desire of many women to give birth to twins. Okra water has been revealed to stimulate the female ovaries to boost hyperovulation and help in twin conception….by hyperovulation, it means at least two eggs are released during the ovulatory phase of your mrnstrual cycle.

Here is how to use okra water to conceive twins.

Do you know that OKRA is one food that boost ovulation and can increase your chances of getting pregnant even for twins?

There are different ways we can use okra to boost your ovulation for twin pregnancy…

Number 1 is using to cook soup the okra and the leaves

Number 2 is soaking the okra in water,
OKRA water causes multiple eggs to be released during ovulation, and increases females to conceive fast and can increase your chances of getting pregnant with twins or triplets


Just cut the okra and soak overnight with water to infuse,

Drink every morning before breakfast for one month or for as long as you want…okro water is safe. Okra water boost ovulation, fertility and libido.

How to use okra water for twins conception
Okra water and twins

Other notable benefits of okra water worthy of mention:

1. Treats diabetes: okra water reduce the sugar level in blood because it contains insulin and insulin is beneficial for the treatment of diabetes. Okra water lowers blood sugar.

2. Treats sore throat and cough: Okra water contains Anti_bacteria properties that heal soreness and itchness .

3. Improves immune system: okra water contains high amount of vitamin c antioxidants which help to improve the immunity power in the body.

4. Strengthen the bones: calcium is present in okra water and increase the density of the bones resulting in stronger and healthier bones, its also prevent osteoporosis.

5. Treats diarrhoea: Diarrhoea usually leaves you dehydrated once you’re you have it, drinking okra water help to replenish the lost water and minerals in the body.

6. Relives constipation: okra water always comes to the rescue whenever you feel the pain of constipation and sense of bloated stomach,okra water has a natural laxative and soluble fiber which propels the gut to help to ease bowel movement.

7. Treats Anaemia: Okra water helps the body to produce more red blood cell, it contains lots of iron and vitamins like vitamin A, magnesium e t c…… to treat anaemia

8. Reduces Asthma : Taking okra water curb asthma attack…. Drink okra water everyday if you’re asthmatic.

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