How many raw eggs can abort pregnancy? How many raw eggs can cause miscarriage in one day?

So it is funny right….This is real…some ladies actually believe raw eggs can induce abortion and cause pregnancy loss…so they use raw eggs for abortion…

Here are some comments from ladies on facebook:

“Can anyone tell me if this raw egg thing works or not I’m a month and I need to know how many raw eggs I need”

I know you probably want me to tell you that you need say 2 raw eggs or even 5 or 10 raw eggs to abort an unwanted pregnancy or cause a miscarriage. But the truth is, raw eggs does not abort or terminate pregnancy…Raw eggs does not remove early pregnancy. Raw eggs does not cause miscarriage either but dont eat raw eggs though as it can cause food poisoning.

How many raw eggs can abort pregnancy
Raw eggs does not abort pregnancy….it is a myth please.

If you are pregnant and you intend to use a number of raw eggs to abort the pregnancy, you are wasting your time…raw or cooked eggs does not abort pregnancy. The belief that drinking raw eggs cause unterine contraction and expulsion of the an unwanted pregnacy is totally false.

Raw eggs for terminating pregnancy will fail you….it is a form of unsafe abortion also.

When women (of reproductive age) with unwanted pregnancies do not have access to safe abortion, they often resort to unsafe abortion. An abortion is unsafe when it is carried out either by a person lacking the necessary skills or in an environment that does not conform to minimal medical standards, or both. Characteristics of an unsafe abortion touch upon inappropriate circumstances before, during or after an abortion. [WHO]

Unsafe abortion can lead to immediate health risks – including death and infection – as well as long-term complications, affecting women’s sexual, physical and mental health and well-being throughout her life time. It also has financial implications for women and communities.

Unsafe abortion procedures may involve the insertion of an object or substance (root, twig, or catheter or traditional concoction) into the uterus; dilatation and curettage performed incorrectly by an unskilled provider; ingestion of harmful substances like raw eggs to trigger an abortion; and application of external force.

Summary: Raw eggs cannot be used to terminate or pregnancy whether in it early pregnancy ot pregnancy in the first , second or third trimester….if you consume raw eggs in the name of removing a pregnancy, it will not work,but the raw eggs will cause you serious food poisoning. Be warned.

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