How to make kuli kuli (groundnut cake)….#Kuli kuli recipes…

#Kulikuli, karago or abakuru are are names i know, its made out of groundnut in the procces groundnut oil is made too, you can use it in many ways, like here in north the powdered one is used for eating masa, used for vegetable soup, african salad and a host of other menus.

You want to learn to #make #kulikuli at home, please read this article:



groundnut 20 cups


Clean Water




Fry your groundnut, Allow to cool down.

Peel the back and blow Away the back.

Grind it into paste,

Add teaspoon full salt

And five Maggi..(very optional, you can use salt and sugar instead)

Add 1 teaspoon pepper(optional)

Add two cups of water

Turn very well until oil starts to come out,
Separate the oil from the paste

Mould on a board to get the desire shape and fry till golden brown.

Your #kulikuli is ready..

How to make kuli kuli
Processes and recipes of kuli kuli

Rewind and relax with our nostalgic #Kuli Kuli snack for a healthy eating treat to yourself and experience these delightful benefits too:

🤍 Keeps you filled and reduces weight
💙 Good for pregnant women
🤍 Boosts immunity
💙 Helps to fight diseases
# a good natural snake

Made from well-roasted peanuts a d groundnut paste with spices that are measured for healthy eating.😀🤗

What is #kuli kuli?

Peanut bars, groundnut cake also known as Kuli-kuli refers to a West African snack that is primarily made from peanuts. 🥜

First made by the Nupe tribe of Niger state, Nigeria.

It is often eaten alone or with cassava flakes also known as garri, Hausa koko, fura, kamu. It is often grounded and used as an ingredient for Suya and Kilishi

HEALTH BENEFITS of #kulikuli

#Kuli-Kuli contains proteins because of the peanuts from which it is made. It also contains Magnesium, Phosphorus and Vitamin E.

Read more about the health benefits of kulikuki here.

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