List of Protein foods for weight loss in Nigeria. Nigerian protein rich diet for weight loss.

It is no longer news that NIGERIAN foods are weight gain foods since our staple foods are heavy foods rich in calories, fats and oils and carbohydrates. Sourcing protein rich foods for weight loss in Nigeria is very difficult and  is like a mirrage.

Many persons especially Africans and Nigerians looking to lose weight have been messaging to do some digging and research into high protein foods that they can eat for their weight loss and add to their weight reduction diet plan. I have been able to come up with some local names if Nigerian proteinous foods that is good for weight loss and slimming down.

They are:

📍List of Protein foods for weight loss in Nigeria📍

1. Ugba: I believe we all know what locust bean is (“Ugba” in Igbo). this food is highly proteinous in nature and can be used for weight loss diet plan. The proteinous nature of locust beans make it a suitable food for persons trying to lose weight.

2. Quinoa: Grains are fantastic source of protein and relatively economical, trendy grain quinoa contains all 8 essential amino acids. Quinoa is a perfect grain for weight reduction and slimming down.

3. Tofu: Also known as bean curd, is made from soy bean milk. It is an extremely low fat and nutritious alternative to meat, Containing high amount of protein, calcium and vitamin E.

Tofu is a well documented protein diet in eaten by most Nigerians who desire to lose weight and shed fat.

List of Protein foods for weight loss in Nigeria
Some high protein foods in Nigeria for weight loss and weight reduction

4. Mushroom: The mighty mushroom has thrice the amount of protein than most veggies, making it a great addiction to pasta’s, pies and all sorts. Combine with other protein rich foods such as eggs, tofu and pulses for a super healthy free meal and for weight loss.

5. Fish and seafoods: Fish and seafoods such as lobsters, prawns, octopus, tuna, salmon and habitat are all high in protein and lower in fat than most meat. Even the fattiest fish have a similar or lower fat content to lean meat. Fish and seafoods are readily available and affordable in Nigeria and are perfect for weight loss diet meal plan.

Fish also contains omega 3 fatty acids which can reduce heart disease, lower blood pressure and have beneficial effect on the brain. Shell fish such as mussels also have high levels of iron enough to rival red meat.

6. Lentils: have one of the highest levels of protein by weight of all the pulses and only 1% fat, making them an excellent food for weight loss and shedding excess fat from the body.

7. Nuts: They are fantastic everyday source of protein perfect for weight reduction and for persons with plans of losing weight. Eg one cup of almond provides more protein than egg while cashews are high in antioxidants and promotes good cardiovascular health + weight reduction.

8. Ogiri-okpei : is a nutritious protein substitute that should be added to the foods of people trying to lose weight. It contains potassium, iron, phosphorus and other vitamin.

Healthy living and weight reduction is a journey and not a destination. If you want to lose weight, don’t be to fast about it, be patient and make sure you combine diet with exercise.

Always remember, the potency of taking good clean water helps in enhancing body metabolism. So ensure to take good clean water.

I hope this helps…

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